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Integrated Security Systems Design

Download Integrated Security Systems Design

Integrated Security Systems Design

Integrated Security Systems Design: Concepts, Specifications, and Implementation by CPP, PSP, CSC, Thomas L. Norman

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann | 2007 | ISBN 0750679093 | PDF | 472 pages | 12 MB

Integrated Security Systems Design is a one-stop resource for security directors, consultants, engineers and installation managers who are interested in pring enterprise-class security in goverment and corporate installations worldwide. An integrated security system is a system that has been incorporated into other programs (such as Access Control, Private Branch Exchanges, Human Relations, Security Video, and Intercommunications) to perform tasks in a manner consistent with corporate or agency policies and procedures. This book explains how to accomplish such integration, thereby saving a company both time and money.

Integrated Security Systems Design is arranged to go from the strategic to the technical to the tactical. The strategic section covers the why of design, the technical section explains how its done, and the tactical section pres the cultural knowledge that leads to project success. Norman also offers guidance in avoiding pitfalls out of which lawsuits have arisen. Many of the subjects covered, such as how to make a security system invisible on an Information Technology System network, include material not available in any other book. * Centralize monitoring of security, of business processes and of adherence to policy * Learn the what-not-to-do's of security design from an experienced practitioner * Maximize your organization's safety while reducing liability and operating costs dle 10.6

Download Integrated Security Systems Design

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