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Homo Sapiens Book A Brief History of Our Human Species From Bi-Pedal Primates to Space-Conquering Explorers

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Homo Sapiens Book A Brief History of Our Human Species From Bi-Pedal Primates to Space-Conquering Explorers
Homo Sapiens Book: A Brief History of Our Human Species: From Bi-Pedal Primates to Space-Conquering Explorers by University Press
English | July 13, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B099FKQCT4 | 75 pages | EPUB | 0.23 Mb
University Press returns with another short and captivating book - a brief history of our human species: Homo sapiens.

All the humans who ever lived are extinct - except for Homo sapiens. We are, in Latin, the "wise humans." We are the sole survivors of a long and deadly battle against the forces of nature and time.
The first humans - hominids - diverged from the other primates and began to walk upright on two legs some 3 million years ago. The first "modern" humans - Homo sapiens - diverged from the other hominids some 250,000 years ago. Since then, modern humans and our big brains migrated out of Africa, developed the capacity for language, domesticated animals, became farmers, learned to write, got religious, built cities, invented money, expanded empires, harnessed the scientific method, tried enlightenment, challenged authority, created machines, conquered the air, weaponized the atom, eliminated disease, walked on the moon, did the internet, made artificial intelligence, fed seven billion people, and speculated about the future of our species.
This short book provides a captivating account of the noble, savage, sacred, mundane, heroic and heart-warming events that connect us with our earliest ancestors - an account that you can read in about an hour.


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