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Category: CMS (depraced!)
Download UltimateMember_2-0-11_Pro

Due to the many icons help you get in an instant need for further information and assistance on specific options and settings. But even the online documentation of Ultimate offers members more information about Ultimate Members Help for all functions and contains useful topics, such as to integrate external scripts or create custom templates in Ultimate Member.

By the simple installation routine and the restoration of useful tools are also very easy beginners to navigate. If it is still a problem, please contact our support team is always pleased to provide and install Ultimate members also free on your webserver / webspace. Do you have any requests or suggestions for improvement? Even this, we are ready with the next update to be fulfilled.

Feature Summary & Highlights

Complete the login and user system. Make the whole of any user registration to your liking. There are all sorts Eingebefelder to choose from. The person data and uploads a user can be quite dynamic for personal e-mails and the content may be used.
Graphic Content Editor. All content can be created quite easily. Even Flash movies, Steam, etc. can easily be integrated. Even images can be uploaded online cut and rotated.
News. Add new news about your Internet presence. Let the introductory text as a foretaste for the visible and public, you grant members-only viewing the full content.
Picture galleries. Add your own images to a new gallery added. These will be automatically adjusted, cut and compressed.
Downloads. Create new downloads and make them available to any users. The security system checks the permissions and set limits and then load the file.
Custom user profile. Your own profile allows the user to its own data and uploaded files to change. In the public profile details and user's own profile picture to other users (depending on settings) are visible. In a summary is displayed, which users are registered and are online.
Guestbook & Messaging. In the guest book, guests and registered users write entries. To select a number of emoticons and the ability to provide text to format. Also sending private messages to each other is possible.

Feature Overview

These functions and settings are available in the admin area available:

* Clear the administration area with many possibilities

Create new content. These are also available on multiple pages with navigation divisible
* Videos, flash movies, streaming, upload images and much more with a graphic editor einbindbar
* Creating new downloads - safe and protected limitierbar
* Create stunning picture galleries with lightbox effect - Automatic resizing of images
* Possibility of listing of multiple news, downloads, and image galleries
* Secure login system, password recovery and XSS protection on the whole site
* User profiles, community tools, guestbook (using spam protection), own account and readily adjustable
* User registration completely customizable - any number of fields, check boxes, file uploads and more.
* Permissions for all content for a variety of report templates Benutergruppen
* All content, text, status messages and e-mails are changeable and equipped with Languages
* Menus in all variations with report
* Pay the registration of new users (payment via PayPal), autom. After payment clearing
* Statistics and Access Logs, and Administration (Display, Search, Edit, Delete, Add) of users
* Mass mails (like newsletters) to different user groups with people data (eg Title) versendbar
* Include your own PHP scripts or javascripts using scripting manager to work without source code
* Designs and Templates completely changed (also available in admin area)
* File Explorer with search and upload function, and much more - upload images online and rotate / crop
* Creating database backups and execute their own SQL code
* Easy installation routine and restore tools for a faulty installation or database
* Built-update function to keep the latest updates to maintain
* Involvement of Ultimate Member (or details such as guestbook, login system ...) in existing website possible
* Open source code and many useful comments make it easier for PHP experts, Ultimate Members to change
* Many other basic functions ...

Opportunities for members & guests

These features are your site visitors and may be available in the admin area can be adjusted.

* Secure login system and user registration
* Own account with a personal salutation
* Overview and alteration of personal data in your own profile
* Private list for uploaded files
Restoration possibilities for forgotten password via e-mail
* Community features for users with each other (Inbox, send messages)
* Additional public profile for each user - other users can be seen
* Overview page with a list of all registered users, online status display, and contact
* Uploaded files and my data depending on the setting of other visible
* Guestbook with animated emoticons and unlock option by Administrator
* Pay a membership fee after registration (via PayPal)
* Some features and customizable deactivatable
* Other basic features like spam protection, email protection and more ...

Installation Requirements:

* 15 MB free memory
* 1 MySQL Database
* PHP version 4.3 and higher dle 10.6

Download UltimateMember_2-0-11_Pro

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