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Sborg 3.5 Nulled

Category: CMS (depraced!)

Sborg 3.5 Nulled

Sborg 3.5 Nulled

Sborg 3.5 Nulled

Following are the features involved:

- Brand new sBorg installer with pre-install checkup.
- vBulletin 3, vBulletin 4, Invision Power Board 3 and phpBB 3 Auto Posters added.
- WordPress autoposter improved.
- Capability to post simultaneously on wordpress and forum.
- Support for Multi-poster 4 added.
- Forum template maker + editor added.
- Auto-Post to forums supports posting to various subforums.
- Drop Down list added on index page for forums and subforum choise.
- Custom fields added for posting.
- Delete option added for logs.
- Options to delete All files added.
- If delete option is unchecked, file download link displayed.
- Logs now display post title instread of file name.
- Bandwidth meter improved to support displaying of bandwidth upto 1024 TB.
- Upgraded sBorg Smart Extract AI for multi level deep extractions.
- Transmission intregration improved.
- Unicode bypass added for all files.
- IMDB grabber code rewrite.
- Both file and folder upload from torrents/user directory implemented.
- Added Depositfiles upload support.
- Added Duckload upload support.
- Hotfile uploading code rewrite.
- Fileserve uploading code rewrite.
- Megaupload uploading code rewrite.
- Improved php-text logging system for file transloads.
- Added change md5 option separately.
- MTN fixed for windows users.
- UnRAR bug fixed.
- Increased buffer-size options in setup page.
- Added progress bar rate option in setup page.
- Filemanager updated.
- sBorg template system upgraded to support save more options.
- Windows permissions fixed.
- Optimized for use on all systems.
- Various security fixes and patches and bufixes (as usual).
- Filesonic, x7.t0, uploaded.to filehosts added.
- Improved Torrent Leecher.
- Improved mtn transmission integration.
- Added free updates mod.
- Improved installer.
- sBorg made more adaptive.
- Bugs Fixes.
- Download from Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, FileServe, Netload
- Supports intregration with uTorrent, TorrentFlux, TF_b4rt and more.
- Built-in torrent downloader with progress bar (see manual for more info).
- Supports custom folder uploading.
- Upload templates can be saved with custom names.
- Upload template can be selecting using a simple dropdown list.
- Advanced user panel hidden for easier navigation.
- Screenshot maker improved.
- Screenshot maker supports multiple video files.
- Intregrated license checker.
- New optimized sBorg installer.
- Improved update notifier.
- Special characters are automaticly removed.
- Renaming files inside archive supports %filename% wildcard.
- Prefix supports %filename% wildcard.
- New name for RAR archive supports %filename% wildcard.
- New name for RAR archive includes filename auto fix.
- Download only mode for leechers.
- Download/Upload speed improvement tweaks for non cPanel servers.
- Intregation with real-debrid.com premium link generator.
- Delete file/folder option added in filemanager.
- Bandwidth meter added.
- Security patch added.
- sBorg users manual provided with every sBorg version.
- Auto extract logic improved.
- Improved javascript functions on index page.
- Filenames added in Fileserve links.
- Multi-instance folder name bug patched.
- Files/folder names are displayed when deleting.
- Unpack split or single RAR archives
- Unpack password protected RAR archives
- Re-pack files into split or single RAR archive
- Remove specific files from unpacked RAR archives (Somiks Mod)
- Add specific files before creating a RAR archive (Somiks Mod)
- Skip the RAR and/or UNRAR process
- Add prefix to unpacked RAR archives
- Re-upload packed RAR archives to Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileserve, Hotfile, Netload
- Store cookies securely
- Grabs info from IMDb (Including poster)
- Includes an attractive progress bar for download and upload
- Stores logs for all the process (ready to post)
- A new setup script for easy maintainance of your accounts. (No need to goto admin panel/ftp now!)
- RAR Compression options added, You can choose them from the drop down list
- Rename feature fixed, No more similar names for part files. In short, its more advanced now.
- MTN output is printed on the screen, To make sure everything went accordingly.
- Setup form updated to include button images.
- Option to change row/column settings for MTN added in setup form.
- Rar Comment file editor included.
- Updated logs to show time of creation and date.
- Prefix mod added.
- Remove string(s) from filename mod added.
- Output post/email the html/bbcode version.
- A new interface, with better navigation
- Hassle free configuration of your accounts using inbuilt setup wizard
- New IMDb info grabber
- Progress Bars to monitor Download/Upload
- Storage of logs for quick review
- Full MTN support
- An option to add text to screenshots
- RAR/UNRAR capability
- A few minor tweaks.

Username is test
password: 123
please chmod everything to 777

Who can decode TrueBug ? please contact me for decoding sborg 3.7 dle 10.6


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