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JomSocial 1.7.15 BETA! - LATEST RELEASE!

Download JomSocial 1.7.15 BETA! - LATEST RELEASE!

JomSocial 1.7.15 BETA! - LATEST RELEASE!

1.7.15 is now available for beta testing. This is another milestone in JomSocial development to bring more features, stability, security and ease of use to your community. There are a lot of features planned for 1.8 Stable release but here are what we've got so far:

Events - Your community member will be able to use JomSocial as a platform to organize events. Events can be set as private or public and you can use RSVP system to organize the attendance.

Application reordering - Community members have different values for each application. This new feature will allow them to sort more important ones at the top and leave the rest at the bottom.

Improved UI experience - We have changed a little bit here and there to give better experience throughout the site. Some wordings have been improved to give clearer meaning and we've taken out any redundant explanation.

Easier photo management - Media sharing is a great way to engage community members, so we make it even more easier to upload, tag and manage the photos.

Profile video - Another great addition to personalize your profile page. Now community members can upload their profile video.

And of course, there is a lot more:

* Fixed url field to be properly parsed
* Fix stability of group statistics
* Breadcrumbs improvement
* Separate non html and html email templates
* Richer meta keywords and descriptions for SEO benefits
* Character filtering in friends listing

Why don't you experience the new features yourself? Visit Joomla! People which is developed by JomSocial team on the latest beta build. The development process has given us many insights on implementing JomSocial for a big, live site and such experience will translate to a more refined release of JomSocial.

If you are ready to test out JomSocial 1.7.15 Beta on your own site, it is now available exclusively to our active subscribers. Please keep in mind that this is a development/beta testing release, and it is not suitable to run on a live site.

Create your own social network

Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla! community... effortlessly!

* Customize profile fields.
* Create groups. Invite friends.
* Send private messages. Comment on walls.
* Share photos. Follow updates via activity stream.
* Integrate 3rd party components with our robust API.
* and much more...

Zend plugin: Just place the links in your Joomla installer through Joomla's installer.
After installing the Zend plugin, enabled it in Plugins Manager and you may then proceed with the installation of JomSocial.

dle 10.6

Download JomSocial 1.7.15 BETA! - LATEST RELEASE!

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