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The ScriptMafia Link Redirector and Your Posts

It has come to my attention, that more and more Editors and Users posting content, are circumventing the Redirector by putting their download links inside the description.

This stops NOW!

The Redirector is a fact, deal with it and as everything in the beginning, it has a few flaws which will be rectified in due process. The demo and download links belong in the designated fields! And this includes 'repeating' the download link in your post!! This is RULE, as much as the one (!) front page image being no larger than 640x480 resolution and the description text and further and/or larger images belonging in the second part of the post.

But right now I am talking about the Redirector. The ads in the Redirector provide the funds needed to keep this server running so that you actually still find a site to post on tomorrow. You should be interested in those ads and support our sponsors, rather then try to short-cut the Redirector delivering them.


It is painful for the user, to have to copy and paste all the time, instead of just click

2) Lost Revenue for you, the content posters

Not being able to click = less downloads = less $ for you (do you want that??)

3) The SITE Revenue

The Redirector features ads. A User might click on an ad out of interest or gratitude. The $ made goes into paying servers and keeping our Admin healthy. ;)

BTW: You can make your demo links inside your description clickable by putting it between
[leech] your link [/leech]

This is not the optimal way to do it though, because the 6 designated fields are there for a reason. However doing it this way, all 3 crucial points would be fulfilled as well = also good

I will be Moderating the post que and the Editors very closely. If you violate the Rules, you can look at ScriptMafia from the OUTSIDE!
I hope I made myself clear! dle 10.6


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