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Rule & Reminder: Do NOT hotlink images from the original websites / salespages in your posts!

Since some people really don't seem to get what should be common sense, I will explain now in detail, why hotlinking images is the worst thing you can do:

When you "steal" a script and you post it here, you will have noticed that all links go through an anonymizer before reaching f.e. the salespage of that script. This is done, to prevent the content owner from seeing traffic originating from here going to his site. Truth is though that such a link, if only clicked let's say 10 or 20 times or so, might actually go unnoticed anyway cause it will be only sticking out to someone who is explicitly looking for it in a huge log file.

Now let's say this logfile is about 1MB/day. Now the script is posted here on ScriptMafia, a high traffic site and some fool HOTLINKS an image of that script from it's original site. Every time anybody just comes to ScriptMafia to see what's new or check messages, this image WILL be loaded. That is not only a "click" but also traffic that is pulled from the script-owner's server depending on the size of the image, each time. Now our nice little logfile on the server of the owner of the script is suddenly not 1MB/day anymore but 80MB or even >100MB ... and the traffic of the pulled image might even exceed a 10GB or more!
Even if that person is normally not someone who is actively hunting for websites sharing his/her script, that unusual logfile size alone, not to mention the unexplained surge in traffic, will lead that person to look inside the logs to see WTF is going on. Then this person will see 'scriptmafia.org' (or even worse, the full link to the POST) over and over and over. THEN that person will come here for SURE and DMCA for SURE and that's that.

And by chance he/she might even alert others, unrelated to that specific script in question, who then in turn DMCA a whole bunch of other Shares of Posters who did nothing wrong ...

So hotlinking an image, is actually the No.1 worst mistake anyone can ever make. It is like robbing a bank and then calling that bank every 1 minute, telling them that you robbed it, along with your name and address. People who hotlink images are either DANGEROUSLY CARELESS, or are trying to DESTROY ScriptMafia on purpose.

Someone who is deliberately hotlinking IP-stuff, is hurting this site, himself/herself and destroys the perspective earnings of people posting here properly!! So, if you are a person, who is not willing to understand that you are causing damage to all of us and you think that we are 'difficult / complicated', cause we refuse to have sex with an HIV Positive without wearing a condom, then you should shoot yourself in the head NOW!

Therefore please use trusted image hosts like f.e. the image hosting service of the DMCA CarbonCopy Movement (DMCACC) http://PicGate.com which can even pull images directly from websites, resizing images online etc/

- Inforcer
dle 10.6


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