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Natural Protocols For Bladder And Kidney Cancer

Category: Tutorials

Natural Protocols For Bladder And Kidney Cancer
Last updated 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.48 GB | Duration: 2h 34m
Diana Wright: CEO/Owner - Cancer Survivor - Author - Film Producer - Speaker

What you'll learn
Identify how cancer begins.
Learn how cancer grows.
Explain and identify bladder/renal cancer risk factors.
Explore bladder/renal cancer treatment options including lifestyle changes and stress reducing strategies.
Learn natural recommendations for bladder/renal cancer treatment, including why they work and how to apply them.
Identify and discuss several different aspects of bladder/renal cancer survival including emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects.
It is recommended (but not required) that you complete my course, Become a Natural Cancer Protocol Practitioner, before beginning this course.
You've been diagnosed with bladder cancer or renal cancer. Now what? Educate yourself! I've made it easy for you to make the most informed decisions for your health. All in one place I've compiled and sifted through years of research and studies to bring you the most expansive collection yet easily summarized wealth of information on bladder/kidney cancer prevention and survival. In this course you will find the work of years of my own personal research and experience from multiple peer-reviewed sources including medical journals. You will learn about the types of bladder/kidney cancer, risk factors, the most important recommendations for bladder and kidney cancer survival, and critical lifestyle changes associated with prevention and diagnosis. Do not leave the treatment option up to your doctor. You may be overwhelmed, but ultimately it's you who decides. Taking charge of the decision process empowers you emotionally and physically.Welcome to my course, Natural Protocols for Bladder and Kidney Cancer!Hello, my name is Diana Wright ND, BSN, MBA, AADP-BC, NEA-BC and I want to thank you for considering this course. I have been in the healthcare field for 40 years, first as a Registered Nurse and more recently a board-certified naturopathic doctor.I have an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning documentary called The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright that you can watch to hear my full story but here is a brief summary.In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, along with cancer throughout my whole abdomen, heart vessels, and brain tumors. I was given the death sentence of eight months to live and options consisting of only three "treatments": surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Not wanting to give up on my family and my employees, I followed the doctors' treatment plan. Meanwhile, I read anything about cancer treatments I could get my hands on and changed my lifestyle. An RN friend stumbled across alternative treatments and Dr. Ralf Kleef, an oncologist and naturopath based in Austria at the time.After a few rounds of chemotherapy and little improvement, I left America and flew to Austria with my husband to get treated with regional hyperthermia, IV Vitamin C, and other natural methods. I came back cancer-free and have been an advocate of natural treatments for cancer ever since. Through obtaining my doctor of naturopathy, I discovered the world of natural, homeopathic treatments for almost every disease and ailment. Naturopathic care is effective, but sometimes you have to get allopathic intervention to buy time for your length of life so you have enough lifespan for naturopathic care to work.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Disclaimer
Lecture 2 Meet the Instructor: Diana Wright, ND
Lecture 3 Personal Responsibility
Lecture 4 How Cancer Starts
Lecture 5 How Cancer Grows
Section 2: Bladder and Renal Cancer Basics
Lecture 6 Who has bladder and kidney cancer?
Lecture 7 Types of Bladder Cancer
Lecture 8 Types of Renal Cancer
Lecture 9 Detection & Diagnosis
Section 3: Risk Factors
Lecture 10 Smoking
Lecture 11 Chemical Exposure
Lecture 12 High Blood Pressure & Diabetes
Lecture 13 Other Risk Factors
Section 4: The Most Important Recommendations
Lecture 14 The Most Important Recommendations
Section 5: Conventional Treatments
Lecture 15 Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery
Section 6: Overview of Natural Treatments
Lecture 16 What Do You Do?
Lecture 17 Diana Wright's Overview of Natural Treatments
Section 7: Lifestyle Changes
Lecture 18 Lifestyle Changes
Lecture 19 Diet and Alcohol
Lecture 20 Exercise
Lecture 21 Kidney Cleanse Recipe
Section 8: Stress Reduction
Lecture 22 Beginning the Cancer Journey with the Wright Attitude
Lecture 23 Calm Your Mind
Lecture 24 Emotions: What You Believe Can Kill You
Lecture 25 Frank Whalen, ND and Reiki Master, on Emotions
Lecture 26 Dana Graves, MS, LPC, and ND Explains How Thoughts Affect Your Body
Section 9: Recommended Nutrients, Supplements, and Herbs
Lecture 27 Recommended Nutrients & Supplements
Lecture 28 Recommended Herbs
Lecture 29 Recommended Foods
Lecture 30 Foods to Avoid
Section 10: Other Recommendations
Lecture 31 Essential Oils
Lecture 32 Other Considerations
Lecture 33 Cost and Effectiveness of Natural Cancer Protocols
Lecture 34 Recommendations Summary
Section 11: Congratulations!
Lecture 35 Become a Natural Cancer Protocol Specialist
Lecture 36 Book Bundle Discount
Lecture 37 Discount Code for Phone Consultations
Lecture 38 Additional Articles
Lecture 39 Additional Reading
Anyone interested in cancer.,Anyone recently diagnosed with bladder or renal cancer.,Anyone caring for someone with bladder or renal cancer.



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