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Udemy - Becoming A Google Sheet Wizard

Category: Tutorials

Udemy - Becoming A Google Sheet Wizard
Published 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.74 GB | Duration: 3h 1m
Learn why It's better than Microsoft EXCEL and become an Expert in 3 Hours

What you'll learn
Basics of Google Sheets
Intermediate level of Google Sheets
Advanced level of Google Sheets
Clubbing everything together - Advance level automation (Reason why you never needed to learn scripting)
No google sheets or excel knowledge needed you will learn everything from the basics to the high level automation on the go.
The two most analytical softwares where a person learns to get a feel about data is "Microsoft Excel" and "Google Sheets". These two might be complex but they help you start learning about how you can play with and visualize data in a BETTER form.Time to sit into my rocket ship for the next 3 hrs and I will open up that anaytical space for you.You will get to learn : -1) Introduction - This section contain information about the Course and Data Table which we will use throughout the course.2) Google Sheets Basics - This will be for the beginners who have never touched Google Sheets this will give you information about the basic terminologies and data management.3) Google Sheets Intermediate - In this section you will learn how to use conditional formatting, pivot tables and the BEST intermediate level functions.4) Google Sheets Advanced - This section covers some high level functions which will be used in google sheet automation.5) Mastering Automation - This section will be the final level you need to achieve before setting your foot into the data world and will help you in summing up everything you have learned with the help of 3 Problem Statements.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course and Data Table Introduction
Section 2: Google Sheets Basics
Lecture 2 Understanding Google Sheets Terminologies
Lecture 3 Google Sheet Shortcuts
Lecture 4 Filter and Filter Views
Lecture 5 Filter with Color/Text Conditions
Lecture 6 Data Sorting
Lecture 7 Data Validation
Lecture 8 Data Cleanup - Removing Duplicates and using UNIQUE Function
Section 3: Google Sheets Intermediate
Lecture 9 Conditional Formatting
Lecture 10 Advanced Conditional Formatting Example 1
Lecture 11 Advanced Conditional Formatting Example 2
Lecture 12 Pivot Table Introduction and Example 1
Lecture 13 Advanced Pivot Table (Introducing Pivot Filters and Slicer)
Lecture 14 Pivot Table Example 2
Lecture 15 Introduction to Functions - Playing around with Average and Sum Functions
Lecture 16 SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions
Lecture 17 Counting Functions (COUNT, COUNTA,COUNTIF, COUNTIFS)
Lecture 18 Date Functions (TODAY & NOW)
Lecture 19 Concatenate Function
Section 4: Google Sheets Advanced
Lecture 20 Understanding Macros Part 1
Lecture 21 Understanding Macros Part 2
Lecture 22 IMPORT Functions - Starting with IMPORTDATA
Lecture 23 IMPORTHTML Function
Lecture 24 IMPORTRANGE - The most important safety function
Lecture 25 Understanding #REF Error and how to resolve it
Lecture 26 VLOOKUP Function within the Google Sheet
Lecture 27 TRIM and VLOOKUP Nesting
Lecture 28 VLOOKUP between Google Sheets (Nesting with IMPORTRANGE)
Lecture 29 Clean VLOOKUP (Taking one step ahead with VLOOKUP Function)
Lecture 30 VLOOKUP (God Mode Unlocked) - ARRAYFORMULA+VLOOKUP
Lecture 31 Overcoming VLOOKUP's cons - INDEX+MATCH Functions within the Google Sheet
Lecture 32 INDEX+MATCH Functions between Google Sheets (Nesting with IMPORTRANGE)
Lecture 33 Functionality problem with INDEX MATCH and ARRAYFORMULA (Use Reverse VLOOKUP)
Lecture 34 Understanding the basic concepts of QUERY (Most useful function)
Lecture 35 Understanding QUERY Clauses
Lecture 36 Query between the Google Sheets
Lecture 37 How to give cell reference in a QUERY? (Dynamic QUERY)
Section 5: Mastering Automation (Putting it All Together)
Lecture 38 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 1 (Part 1)
Lecture 39 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 1 (Part 2)
Lecture 40 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 1 (Part 3)
Lecture 41 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 1 (Final Part 4)
Lecture 42 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 2 (Dependent Dropdowns in Google Sheets)
Lecture 43 Google Sheet Wizard Problem Statement 3 (Playing with Checkboxes)
This course is for people who want to become an expert in understanding data and want to learn analytical skills. This is totally going to open your mind up and will lead you to understand the most underrated tool - Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.



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