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Learn how to make money with Photoshop

Category: Tutorials

Duration 16 hours 30 minutes

Learn how to make money with Photoshop by making website designs. No coding!

This Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners course is for everybody! I'll take you through all the steps, from 0 to hero! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

You get 3 courses in 1:

A Hands-on Photoshop Tutorial from 0 to Hero; Valued at $79!

A Web Design Tutorial; Valued at $299!

A Guide on How to Make Money with Photoshop from your Designs; Valued at $1499!

Included: A Resource folder with 50+ Premium PSD files of mine of complete website projects + other materials that will help you develop your skills and get a quick start! Conservatively valued at $1999!

ThatGÇÖs close to $4000 worth of material!

Recorded at 1080p, you have 16+ hours of content and 165+ lectures in crystal clear video with impeccable audio.

I will teach you only what you need to know. The course has a lot of material for those who want to see the actual design process in action, but some parts are optional, so don't let the length scare you.

During the course, I will show you how I earn $3615 from a couple of projects! These are real projects started from scratch from real marketplaces.

This Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners course doesn't include any boring theory. I walk the walk and show you how I actually earn money. You can see my profiles underneath and also part of my earnings.

What will you learn?

A life skill. This is not a tutorial that guides you through all the tools or shows you how to adjust some photos. This will show you how you can earn a living, by working full or part time in Photoshop, by making website designs. From A to Z.

- You will learn everything you need to know about Photoshop;

- You will learn basic and advanced web design techniques;

- You will learn how to easily get the best projects;

- You will learn how to outsmart other designers;

How is this course different?

The course is different from anything else out there in the market because you get to see everything from scratch. You have a direct point of view, like you are sitting over my shoulder and I explain and show you all of my secrets.

- This course doesn't have boring theory that youGÇÖve heard over and over;

- This course is one of a kind, you wonGÇÖt find any other experienced web designer share his techniques, way of thinking and secrets;

- This course is not about wishful thinking, making money out thin air, attracting cosmic energy, changing your mindset about money or any other mumbo-jumbo material;

- This course is very underpriced for what you get!

What can you expect after taking this course?

The purpose of this course is to cut down on your learning curve. It took me years of trial and error, hardships, longs hours of hard work, hundreds if not thousands of hours of studying to achieve this level of expertise and IGÇÖm still going strong.

- What I offer is a shortcut: learn everything I know in a few weeks instead of years;

- Expect to earn at least $1500 per month;

- You will understand that itGÇÖs in your hands to earn much more and itGÇÖs all up to you;

- Expect to have a wide range of options in the design world. This skill set is very needed and the demand is only getting higher. You will have many options to monetize your new skill set and I will explain in the course what are those avenues.

- Expect to have more free time and a relaxed approach regarding earning money through your work;

Learn from my years of experience!

Discover tips, tricks and secrets that totally change the way you work. Become efficient, fast and knowledgeable by learning in a few days what I did in years!

No filler material!

Don't waste time by learning things you'll use once a year. I'll show you only what you need to know in order to get the job done.

No Shortage of Projects!

Don't rely on friends, family or forums to get design projects. I'll show you how you can get loads of projects and how to select the very best!

video 126-168 purposely recorded with NO Audio til the last few minutes of each video.


dle 10.6


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