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Flash + xml clothing cool show site

Flash + xml clothing cool show site, flip through the mouse to draw!
Are drawn around the arrow next to the control of a good look at the help. A swf document, through the crack, it seems less than perfect! Need to check on the server!


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Full XML Portfolio Template V4

fla | swf | flv | xml | php | psd | css | html | js | jpg | 58.7 MB Zip

13 Modules Included
Fully customizable with XML
Brand New Projects Gallery Module
Backgrounds can now use jpg, png, swf, flv

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Flash Template - Business

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3D Interactive Gallery XML Flash

3D Interactive Gallery is a perfect environment for users who would like to present their photos/art work in a real three dimension space.


* Papervision 3d + AS3 .

* Tweener driven

* XML driven.

* Code are well commented.

* Easy to customize directly from XML .

* Many variations.

* Vista preloader.

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Xml driven flash website complete site template


Site is only 66Kb in size, loading Ultra fast, and is super-easy to customize.
Each Page is XML Driven and can be edited without opening flash.
Making updates a sinch.

Not just boring text, but also features calendar of events and video spots!

Setup as many or as few categories as you want, and the smooth scrolling thumbpanel allows you to add as many mebers per category as you like.

Every time a visitor hits your site, a different background image will be served up. How many is up to you! Three buttons are located at the bottom right of the your screen, where your visitors can choose from 3 of your favorite bg images. You can use full size background images for your site or tiled images. All 3 of the bg images featured here are tiled images, and load lightning fast!

Images are automatically resized in a perfect aspect ratio, based on the users screen dimension. Looks good at 800×600 or 1920×1200

Create as many blog pages as you want. Totally XML and CSS driven, making updates easier than ever.

Contact page is XML driven and uses a super simple PHP script to send emails after a message has been sent. The included help file shows you exactly which two variables to edit, so emails go to your email address.

Smooth hover scrolling XML Driven MP3 Player, allows you to stream as many MP3 s as you want. Footer Controls allow you to adjust volume without opening the playlist.

Offers full screen option, slick controls, and a scrolling thumbpanel, allowing you to add as many videos per category as you like.

XML-SWF-FLA Flash ActionScript File (.as)

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Mini games Templates

Flash games templates.

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Template For games

Nice Template.

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WPRemix 3- Wordpress premium theme

WP Remix 3.0 - the only theme on the net that offers WYSIWYG page template editing. Over 50 page templates to choose from. Web standards, Colorschemes, Usability, grid, typography... you ask for it, it has all in it!

Bundled with more than 50 strategically designed & coded custom static page templates, the theme enables everyone to publish a small site in minutes saving weeks of time, maintaining top notch standards-compliant quality.

WP Remix 3.0 is fully functional on both Wordpress 2.8 and 2.7.

Includes Magazine Module


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Below is a list of the templates in this pack.
There are 290+ Templates in this pack that will work with Joomla 1.5,
so forgive me for not including more info on all of them.


- Blogger Plazza
- BT AdHome
- BT Believe
- BT Cash
- BT Corez
- BT Creative
- BT Easygate
- BT Ecom
- BT Focus
- BT iCall
- BT Ingeno
- BT Play & Learn
- BT Shopit
- BT TeraHost
- BT Travel In
- BT VIP Host
- Celebs Plazza
- Church
- Coldstone
- Comuna3 Plazza
- D4J Andreas07
- D4J Aqueous
- D4J Artica
- D4J Bermuda
- D4J Bitter Sweet
- D4J Black Box
- D4J Blue Blog
- D4J Blue Leaves
- D4J Brightside
- D4J Busy City
- D4J Canvass
- D4J Extreme Updates
- D4J Fotolandia
- D4J Gemstone
- D4J Grandenally
- D4J PS-Technicalsupport
- D4J Team Three
- D4J Trialservices
- DeonixDesign Joomla 1.5 Templates
- eCommerce Plazza
- eShop.com
- Folio Plazza
- GK Car Magazine
- GK Corporate
- GK Cutting Edge
- GK eShop
- GK eShoptrix 2
- GK Icki Sports
- GK iLife
- GK Modish
- GK Music Top
- GK Musictube
- GK Sportmaxum
- GK The Moment
- GK The News
- GK The News 2
- GK Viyo
- GK Yourflash
- IT Breeze
- IT Habitat
- IT HeadLine
- IT Millennium
- IT Sporty
- IT SpotLight
- IT Together
- IT Veranda
- iTemplater 1.5
- JA Bellatrix
- JA Beryl
- JA Cooper
- JA Corona
- JA Drimia
- JA Edenite
- JA Erica
- JA Erica2
- JA Galena
- JA Helio
- JA Iolite
- JA Labra
- JA Mesolite
- JA Mica
- JA Nagya
- JA Nickel
- JA Olyra
- JA Opal
- JA Quartz
- JA Ruby
- JA Rutile
- JA Sanidine II
- JA Sanidine v1.1
- JA Spica
- JA Sulfur
- JA Teline II
- JA Topaz
- JA Trona
- JA Tube
- JA Utahia
- JA Uvite
- JA Uvite2
- JA Vauxite
- JA Zeolite
- JA Zinc
- Jahmerce
- Jahmerce2
- JB Canvas
- JB Clean Commerce
- JB Habitat3
- JB New Media
- JB Organica
- JB Organika
- JB Scroller2
- JB Sketch
- JB Vision 2
- JB Wallpaper
- JD Cycle Theme
- JD Separation
- JJ Ario Lite
- JJ Dark Rational
- JJ Mocha
- JM Motor Show
- JM Nextgen
- Jobs Plazza
- Joomla Market Hotel 1.5
- Joomla24 Template 10
- Joomla24 Template 11
- Joomla24 Template 12
- Joomla24 Template 13
- Joomla24 Template 14
- JoomlaXTC Dub
- JoomlaXTC EScene
- JoomlaXTC Extras
- JoomlaXTC Fotografik
- JoomlaXTC Genre
- JoomlaXTC MLabel
- JoomlaXTC News Pro
- JoomlaXTC News Pro Dark
- JoomlaXTC Teqmart
- JP AdminPraise
- JP Audio Praise
- JP Division
- JP Envira Praise
- JP Pop Praise
- JP Praise
- JP Praise Builder
- JP Praisefolio
- JP Project Praise
- JP Simple2
- JP Social Praise
- JS Aqua Dark
- JS EarthBlog
- JS Element
- JS Lightfast
- JS Lush
- JS Vintage
- JS Voodoo
- JS Weblogic
- Magazine Plazza
- MyBlog v2
- NeoJoomla
- PJ Carbon
- PJ Craven
- PJ Enchanted
- PJ Evident
- PJ FireFlo
- PJ Flexum
- PJ Flexum Dark
- PJ Foret
- PJ FreeFlo
- PJ Gear
- PJ Glo
- PJ ModerNation
- PJ Parameter
- PJ PowerUp
- PJ Prime
- PJ Prime 2
- PJ QuickSilver
- PJ Radiate
- PJ Razor
- PJ Royale
- PJ Sahel
- PJ Serene
- PJ Serene 2
- PJ SimpleCity
- PJ Streamline
- PJ Sublime
- PJ Sublime 2
- PJ Tactile
- PJ Technique
- PJ Veritas
- PJ WinterGreen
- Projecto Plazza
- Realtor
- RT Akiraka
- RT Catalyst
- RT Chromatophore
- RT Dimensions
- RT Equinox
- RT HiveMind
- RT Hyperion
- RT Media Mogul
- RT Meridian
- RT Metamorph v2
- RT Mixxmag
- RT Mynxx
- RT Pixel
- RT Populus
- RT Prime Time
- RT Refraction
- RT Replicant
- RT Replicant v2
- RT Shock Storm Trooper
- RT Showcar
- RT Solar Sentinel
- RT Synapse
- RT Technopia
- RT TechnoZine
- RT Terran Tribune
- RT Tribute
- RT Versatility 1
- RT Versatility 2
- RT Versatility 3
- RT Versatility 4
- RT Vertigo
- RT VividDesign
- RT Vortex
- Shape5 City Portal
- Shape5 eWorld 2
- Shape5 GameVision
- Shape5 Mediaplate
- Shape5 News Link
- Shape5 Shopper Frenzy
- Showcase Plazza
- Sunblogger
- Template 14 Dash Two
- Template Plaza
- Times Plazza
- TM 19316
- TM 20244
- TM 21599
- TM 21808
- TP Freelance - Project MarketPlace
- TP Social Home
- VirtueMart
- Votez Plazza
- WebRevolution
- YJ Color Pack
- YJ Community Pack
- YJ Equalizer
- YJ Get Connected
- YJ Hosting
- YJ Innovative Lab
- YJ JClick City Portal
- YJ Mobile Tech
- YJ Movie Studio
- YJ Movie Times
- YJ My Blog v2
- YJ My Photo
- YJ Portfolio
- YJ Simple Date
- YJ Soft Lock
- YJ Softech
- YJ Times
- YJ Tutorials
- YJ University
- YJ You Games
- YJ You Hostit
- YJ You Movies
- YJ You Shopper
- YJ You Simplicity
- YJ You Tutorials
- YT Beyond
- YT Blueprint
- YT BumpIt
- YT Core
- YT Daylight
- YT Firefly
- YT Level
- YT Loom
- YT Mee
- YT Motion
- YT Page
- YT Pinboard
- YT Scoop
- YT Seasons
- YT Shuffle
- YT Surface
- YT Switch
- YT Tweety
- YT Way Beyond


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Template name: Affinity
Copyright Business: RocketTheme business templates
Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo:


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15 cool css menu collection

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Fury 3 IPB 3 Skin

Fury skin is an extremely rich, graphic intense skin that is sure to make your community stand out from the crowd. The bright & vivid colours throughout the skin give it an extremely strong look & feel and at the same time, offer your users an easy, enjoyable browsing experience.

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Striving for versatile template sets, we do deploy color variants as the first base driving us to that streamline, apart from functional addons. To our utmost efforts, our second June template JA Lead comes available with up to 10 impressive themes, idealy featuring fashion sites, show biz, popular performing arts ect.,
A Lead sees a small but helpful module JA Twitternew, enabling you to track your twitter update right on your Joomla site. JA Lead also integrates some popular modules in our lineup JA News, JA slideshow, JA Content slider, JA Tabs and JA Bulletin. These small apps organize your Joomla contents items in a flexible manner, for annimation effects, graphic presentation and static contents.
We do not mean one-size-fit-all design, just hope Joomla users to develop and rapidly deploy multiple types of templates from a single instance of the Joomla platform.


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Rockettheme Meridian March 09 Joomla Template

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Professional Joomla templates like you have never seen available. Clean Commercial Joomla Templates. We focus on simplicity and clean designs. Joomla templates for business. -


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WP Element - WP Now Premium Theme

* Widget Ready
* Adsense Ready
* Multi Dropdown Menus
* No Sidebars Template
* WP 2.7+ Ready
* Links & Bookmark Template
* Sitemap Template
* Minimize / Maximize Sections
* Featured Video


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Flashden - Advanced XML Website (perfect for Musician)

The Music Portfolio is an Flash (AS3) fully XML driven website template that allows you to modify the whole content without even opening the source files.
It's very easy to manage and manual is included.

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Profesionnal WordPress Themes - Woo Themes - 8 Themes

Woo WordPress Themes Welcome to the all new premium WordPress themes shop. At WooThemes you will find some of the most cutting edge WordPress templates, packed full of features, presented beautifully with clean layouts, slick colour palettes and neat typography. All our themes are avaliable for purchase individually or you can join the theme club and have access to all our masterpieces. WooThemes is the brain child of 4 respected WordPress website designers - Adii, Magnus Jepson, Mark Forrester and Elliot Jay Stocks. Have a peek around and see why WooThemes is the number one premium WordPress themes shop.

This Package Contains
1. Flash News Theme
2. Fresh News Theme
3. The Gazette Edition Theme
4. Live Wire Theme
5. NewsPress Theme
6. Papercut Theme
7. The Original Premium News Theme
8. VibrantCMS Theme


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BlogYou - JoomlaXTC Protemplate 2009

Template Features:
Image Web 2.0 CSS Design
Image Multi column based template
Image 12 Template Styles + 2 Layout Styles
Image 19 Module Positions

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the stars WP template

present a premium WordPress theme The Stars. The Stars is a sexy magazine style WordPress theme ideal for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, celebrity/gossip, or lifestyle websites. The theme includes a wide range of features including: drop down navigation menus, a featured content section, automatic thumbnail generation, integrated social bookmarking buttons and more.

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Hot Joomla Templates Collection:
These Collection Includes templates From yootheme, rockettemplates and Joomlaart and templateplaza

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18 Latest Joomla Templates from templateplazza.com

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Yootheme.com all templates Download

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PropertyMaxPro V4 include Addons

PropertyMax Pro is professional real estate agent software that enables you to have a database of properties for sale and rent on your web site, complete with an easy to use admin interface to add and manage properties direct from your web browser.

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Flashden AS2 XML Mirror Portfolio Template

Any full stage resizeable component can be loaded like the original modules through the menu, they will use their own functions to position and resize themselves within the template and they will be deep linkable like all the other contents automatically.

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Flashden XML Windows Template

This template is customizable and easy to use. You can use it for any kind of site or photo gallery, use your imagination :D

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355 Joomla Templates Collection

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18 Css Web 2.0 Menu Collections

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32 collection of web 2.0 Templates

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Rocket Theme 2009 Complete Pack

Affinity | Refraction | SolarSeltinel | Mynxx | Meridian | Akiraka | Akiraka Essentials | Mixxmag

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