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Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System 2022 Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System 2022 | 108 GB
Easy Data Transform 1.37.0 macOS File size: 72 MB Transform Your Data Into Information - merge, split, clean, de-duplicate, reformat, analyze & ...
Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate 5.0.8 (x64) Multilingual File size: 113.8 MB Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate is a comprehensive multimedia software with most tools on the ...
Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.4.12 Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.4.12 Windows x64 | File size: 499.51 MB Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, ...
JixiPix Spektrel Art 1.1.12 macOS JixiPix Spektrel Art 1.1.12 macOS File size: 19 MB Create magical art that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines ...


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Category: Plugins/Modules

Hot Property 1.0.0 Final

Now you can list and manage your properties easily using Hot Property together with the best open source Web Content Management System – Joomla!. Your property can be Real Estate, Automobile, Boats, Painting, Books or anything at all! If you wish to showcase your products effectively, Hot Property is your answer.

With Hot Property, you can:

- Run a Real Estate website
- Run a Vacation Rentals website when you buy the optional
- Availability Extension
- Run an Auto website
- Run a DVDs website
- and more!

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Premium wordpress plugin – Gravity forms V 1.3.8
Premium wordpress plugin – Gravity forms V 1.3.8

Gravityforms is the wordpress form management plugin you’ve waiting for! No Coding skills needed.

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Parallels Confixx Control Panel v3.3.2 - Linux

Available only in German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Parallels Confixx is a leading control panel in Central Europe along with Parallels Plesk Control Panel. Known for proven quality, value and support, its comprehensive feature set has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of hosting providers in the region.

Master: http://vps1.confixx-dc.demo.parallels.com/user/index.php?username=master
Admin: http://confixx3.demo.parallels.com/user/index.php?username=admin
Reseller: http://confixx3.demo.parallels.com/user/index.php?username=res2
Eduser: http://confixx3.demo.parallels.com/user/index.php?username=web2

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Big Joomla Pack 2010

Joomla/Mambo compatible inclued:


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Planyo online reservation system
Planyo online reservation system

Planyo is a commission-free flexible online reservation system for any kind of resources such as hotels, holiday apartments, yacht rentals, driving schools, tennis courts, doctor appointments, events etc.

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Remove Avatars plugins
Remove Avatars plugins

This plugin will completely remove ALL avatars (including default, uploaded, or gravatar) from displaying on your site.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

jVideoDirect 2.3
jVideoDirect 2.3
jVideoDirect is an innovative and feature-rich component for Joomla 1.5 native.

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CodeCanyon Premium Code – Caching image resizer script

CodeCanyon Premium Code – Caching image resizer script

AnySize is a lightweight, drop-in, fully automated, caching, make-you-coffee-and-serve-it-in-bed script that lets you request and generate images (jpg, gif or png) of any size.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

AutoBlogged is a powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress that automatically creates blog posts from any RSS or Atom feed. Autoblogging is a great way to automate your WordPress posts so you can focus your efforts on earning money with your blog. With dozens of features, AutoBlogged is one of the most powerful autoblog software plugins available for WordPress and the best way to get automated blog content.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Jmovies v1.3.2

JMovies is a Joomla! component that help you to make a videos/movies library in few and very simple steps.

Discover the ultimate JMovies Joomla! component that will amaze your dedicated movie fan visitors, inspiring their full creativity for amazing previews, critics, reviews, trailers and screenshots of all top movies chart.

This extensions is released for Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla! 1.5.x with legacy plugin enabled and is published under commercial license.

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WPRobot 2.12 nulled version cracked by our partner sites on April 11, 2010. We have posted about the 2.11 and 2.10 version, to date, the 2.12 is up-to-date one.

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iCommerce System 3.0.7

iCommerce System Details

This system is designed to allow users to list items for sale. Each merchant can have their own shop or multiple shops depending on the merchant's group permissions.

* Create item specific shop(s)
* Set up disclaimer per shop
* Require consumers to agree to shop disclaimer before entering
* List items within your shop(s)
* Upload images for your items
* Allow/disallow commenting per item
* Set up price, discount, tax, shipping & handling, and stock quantity
* Full BB Code description
* Track all payments sent/received
* Populate and print client lists
* New Billing System added

Pass: www.rootwarrior.org

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Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords - April 2010

Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords
April 2010 edition.
Tested and 100% Revenue Monetizing.

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Wordpress Mega Package - update 2010

Updated April 2010

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Category: Plugins/Modules

RD-Autos Pro 2.0.2

RD-Autos is a component which will allow you to administrate your vehicles the easy way.
And not only for you, also other dealers can register on your site and sell vehicles.

We wrote RD-Autos Free for a customer who needed to sell vehicles, but the copyrights were for me.
So I decided to make it available for everyone using Joomla! 1.5+ And with some success.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Autostand 2.6

Autostand is an autos extension, capable of managing any type of vehicle. Edit the language file, change the makes list and you can have autostand for boats, industrial machines, plains,bikes, spare parts, etc..Check our live site section to see some examples.
The full pack contains: components, 10 modules, 4 J! templates, documentation, ArtioJoomSEF plugin, Xmap plugin, XML files for Joomfish.

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DLE Forum 2.5 nulled
DLE Forum 2.5 nulled

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esoTalk - open-source web-forum
esoTalk - open-source web-forum

esoTalk is an open-source web-forum application with a bunch of cool features.
It's designed to be super-simple, super-fast, lightweight, and extensible.

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Flasherize ChatRoom
Flasherize ChatRoom

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Credits to Pino262
Available Modules:

* Amazon Module
* Article Module
* eBay Module
* Clickbank Module
* Yahoo Answers Module
* Youtube Module
* Translation Module
* Flickr Image Module
* Yahoo News Module
* RSS Module[/B]


With WP Robot you can create targeted blog posts on any topic without writing anything!

WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use autoblog plugin for Wordpress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in intervals you specify. And the best part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you could ever think of!
Learn more about WP Robot's features >>
WP Robot can post content from many different sources, including Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube and eBay!

Currently WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images and Clickbank ads to your weblog automatically and of course you have full control over which kind of posts will be created! There is no autoblogging software that can create autoblogs with more diverse content out there!
Learn more about WP Robot's modules >>
WP Robot can also rewrite or translate any post it makes automatically.

If that's still not enough to impress you, here is another nice feature: With the translation module WP Robot can translate any post it creates before adding it to your weblog by using Google Translate or Yahoo's Babelfish. By translating the content several times (for example from English to German to English) WP Robot can add instant unique, English content to your weblog!
WP Robot can help you...

* Earn More Money: Much of the content WP Robot adds to your weblog automatically can be monetized by using several affiliate programs and thus adding another valuable revenue stream to your autoblogs.
* Get More Visitors: Autoblogging is a great way to stuff your website with relevant and search engine optimized content in order to attract more visitors to your site.
* Safe Time: This one is obvious: Since you don't have to write any blog posts yourself, you will have much more time for the important stuff when using WP Robot!

* Create posts related to your weblog's topic. You can create posts for basically any topic you can think of. I have yet to discover a niche there is no content for on the websites WP Robot pulls content from.
* Create posts for many keywords at the same time.You can have 20 active keywords in the basic version and 50 keywords in the advanced of WP Robot simultaneously. The elite version even allows an unlimited amount of keywords.
* Add created posts to any category of your Wordpress weblog. You can choose a different category for each keyword you create.
* Custom time intervals between posts. You define the pace in which new content is added to your site by specifying a custom time interval for every keyword. You could for example add new posts for the keyword "ipods" every 2 hours or every 3 days (etc).
* Extend WP Robot's functionality with new modules. Currently there are 7 different modules available and more will be released soon!
* Control exactly what content is created. By setting probabilities for every module or disabling modules for certain keywords you have full control over what WP Robot does.
* Creates tags for every post. Tags are one of the many powerful features of Wordpress. That's why WP Robot will add several related tags for each post it creates.
* Link Cloaking Automatically cloak all your affiliate links posted by WP Robot modules.
* Humanized Post Times Make your autoblogs look more natural by using the randomzed post time feature of WP Robot.
* Backdating Create a large number of posts in the past in order to make newly created autoblogs appear like they were around for a long time already.
* Bulk Add Keywords. Use the new bulk add keywords feature to set up a new autoblog even quicker than before. You can even automatically create categories on new blogs!
* Many customizable options. You can for example choose if new posts are immediatelly published or added as drafts and much more...
* Post as any user. You can set WP Robot to create its autoposts as any user registered on your blog.
* Free Support via the WP Robot support forum.

Home Page WP Robot

WP Robot 2.12 NULLED By Pino262(72 MIRRORS)

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Category: Plugins/Modules

This Joomla SEO oextension for ARTIO JoomSEF enables generation of Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs for the AdsManager (advertisements management system) component.

Important: This extension requires ARTIO JoomSEF 3.x (for version compatible with 2.x, see other category, version compatible with 1.x is not available). Use the JoomSEF built-in installer capability to install the extension package - for more details, please check documentation.


To find out how to remove Copyright notice - Powered by Artio SEF, on sef component, look here, comments 2009, 2010:

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Those are scripts from
for wordpress.
Remember those are only for experimental purposes.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

DLE SexyBookmarks 1.0
SexyBookmarks 1.0



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Category: Plugins/Modules

My Blog 3.0.332 LATEST RELEASE!

MyBlog is a feature-filled, simple to use, user friendly and powerful blog component for the Joomla! CMS. MyBlog features front-end blog editing with Dashboard, RSS feeds, Technorati pings, Trackbacks, support for multiple blog users, avatar support for Gravatar and Community Builder and much more.

Advance "blogging" editor

We have redesigned the our MyBlog editor to be one of the best blogging editor around. Each user will have access to their own dashboard where they will be able to see all their blog entries and even comments posted on their entries. When you want to write or edit your blog, the editor will gracefully float within the dashboard.

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Category: Plugins/Modules


Easy Pay
The Easy Pay PayPal module is the most advanced paypal module available today for the Joomla CMS.
It incorporates almost every feature of the "Website Payments Standard Integration Guide" specification by PayPal and makes them available as module parameters.
It also contains it own CSS classes to allow for easy styling for your payment or donation button. Add background images, font changes, color etc.
Choose from a wide range of button images or create your own custom buttons.
The module has been designed to be easily duplicated across a site or even on a single page. Allowing you to put multiple payment items together on a single page.

The Ezeedragger allows you to position images around your site and then drag them to other positions.

Ezeeimage allows you to place and position images within module positions easily and quickly without the need to write any code. Ezeelogo

Ezeelogo allows you to position your logo via a module position as opposed to hand editing CSS

Ninja Eye Menu
This amazing mootools powered fish eye menu can display either vertically or horizontally and comes with a huge collection of over 50 different icons for you to use.
You can also decide to hide certain menu items from users who aren't logged in.
The Ninja Eye also comes with a PNG fix included for Internet Explorer 6. Ninja Kwik Menu
The Ninja Kwik Menu will display your menu using the famous 'Kwik' effect with sliding, overlapping boxes.
The Ninja Kwik supports both a horizontal and vertical layout, and has numerous layout options available.
Via the uploading of additional images for alternate languages, this module can be made Joomfish compatible.

Now You see Me
Now You See Me allows you to hide or show modules depending on the access level of the viewer.
It is most useful for selectively hiding modules from different users, such as hiding ads from administrators or subscribers.

Now You See Me - JACL
Now You See Me - JACL allows you to hide or show modules depending on the access level of the viewer.
It is most useful for selectively hiding modules from different users, such as hiding ads from administrators or subscribers.
The JACL version of the Now You See Me module allows you to enter the group ids of the different access levels you wish to give access to. Giving JACL users the benefits of the Now You See Me Module.
The Modulehider
The Modulehider allows a group of modules to be hidden or shown by clicking a button or bar above or below the module

The Monobridge
This module makes installing the slideshow easy by setting up folders and paths for you automatically. It also installs a sample xml file and sample images and album. On top of this it makes most of the non xml setup features available as module parameters for you.
There will be additional configuration required to upload your own images and alter the included XML file to use them.

The Modragulizer
The Modragulizer gives you the ability to drag and drop, and minimise / maximise the modules in a particular module position.
No changes are required to the HTML of your site, though several new module positions will need to be added.
Modules can currently only be dragged within the same module position.

Ninja Secret Panel
The Ninja Secret Panel allows you to place a hidden panel where you can display modules such as a login or contact form.
The panel can be set via parameters to open via mouseover or mouse click, and to close via mouseout or clicking a close button.

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Softbiz Web Hosting Directory v1.0 PHP nulled script
Softbiz Web Hosting Directory v1.0 PHP nulled script

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Category: Plugins/Modules

JomSocial v1.6.288 all modules and plg

mSocial, social publishing platform for Joomla! CMS. Build your own community easily. Create custom profile, maintain groups, social networking tools, 3rd party apps support, user points, private messaging and much more!

Create your own social network
Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla! community… effortlessly!

Customize profile fields.
Create groups. Invite friends.
Send private messages. Comment on walls.
Share photos. Follow updates via activity stream.
Integrate 3rd party components with our robust API.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

All Entries in the "J! Extensions" Category

* redSHOP
* redEVENT v2
* redFORM
* redLIST

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Phpfox 1.6 vbulletin-flava template integration 2.5.1

Phpfox 1.6 vbulletin-flava template integration 2.5.1

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Collector is a Objects Management System for Joomla component will help you to show your collection of miscellaneous objects such as stamps, model cars, book would be usable to display different listing.


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