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WP QRCode Generator

... What is this?

WP QR Code Generator is a plugin that you install on any Wordpress Blog.

It produces a page that can be used to generate QR Codes in a variety of formats.

Whenever anyone uses WP QR Code Generator, all the entered details are instantly emailed to your email address.

WP QR Code Generator also sends a customizable email to the user enclosing their download link for the QR Code that they have just generated.

The user is also (optionally) added to your autoresponder list to receive follow-up information from you.

All the emails, and also the on-screen messages are customizable in an easy to use interface.

... What can this do for you?

Everytime someone uses the QR Code Generator on your website, you get an INSTANT email notification with all their details included. You can use these details to contact them either by email, telephone, or personally, to offer them additional services.

WP QR Code Generator includes a customizable email that goes out to each user, informing them of their download link for their QR Code image. You can easily add your marketing message to this email.

Additionally, the user will automatically be added to your autoresponder, building your list and giving you even more opportunities to follow up with them and offer additional products and services.

If you use it properly, you could easily expand your perceived expertise with your clients - once they see your website creating QR Codes, they will think you are an absolute expert and will be much more likely to consider your other services.

If you prefer, you could just generate codes for your clients, and charge them big bucks for that service.

If you don't want to do any follow-up at all, there are many companies who will purchase leads from you.

The uses for QR Codes and how they can be incorporated into both your own marketing, and the services that you offer to clients, is growing rapidly.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this cutting edge technology.

Watch this short video to learn more about WP QR Code Generator.
... Who is this for?

This is for

Anyone who wants to be at the forefront of mobile marketing.

Anyone who wants to have a website with cutting edge technology to impress visitors.

Anyone who wants to create codes for clients and sell them.

Anyone who wants to create QR Codes for their own use.

Anyone who wants to build a list of qualified prospects.

Anyone involved in local marketing.

... What is this not?

This is not a course on Local Marketing or Mobile Marketing.

This is a Wordpress Plugin that you can use to enhance your efforts in these areas, but it does not contain any detailed step by step guides on how to market your services. If you need that sort of information, there are a great number of courses available to provide it.

It isn't a magic red button that is going to make millions for you overnight ... but it will allow you to get in on the ground-floor of this cutting-edge technology and leverage it to increase your business profits.

... Is it easy to use?

Yes, it's very simple. You just install the plugin, and paste 2 shortcodes into any post or page of your blog, and you instantly have a fully functioning QR Code Generator on your blog.

Add your name and email address, and then just change the wording on the emails that are sent out and you are all finished.

If you wish to customize the look of the form, that's simple too. Just enter the text you want to have displayed, alter any colors, and it's all done.

If you can use a mouse and a keyboard, you can use WP QR Code Generator.

Watch these short videos to see just how easy it is to setup and use WP QR Code Generator. dle 10.6


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