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[Free App] Ur(L)Manager BETA

"I don't know for you guys, but when I have a SEO customer, I can't find a way to organize my backlinks. I can have social bookmarks on Fiverr, EDU links in my email box and Web 2.0 pages on SENuke. At one point, I thought, "I should create a software to store all my backlinks in one place!"

As far as I knew, there was no software to handle URLs. Sure, there was one in SENuke, but it didn't work well (in my case, anyway) and nobody would spend over $100 per month just for a URLs manager.
To be honest, the software in itself is dead simple. I didn't need anything complex. You can add, modify and delete projects. You can mark them as active, suspended or completed. You can put the name of the business owner, his phone number, his website and his email. You can store articles, backlinks and citations.

That's all.

Could I add new and exciting features? Sure thing! In fact, I'm interested in doing a SEO project manager, but I don't need one and I don't know if you guys would use it." dle 10.6


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