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WSO Owl Pigeon - Targeted Free Traffic (no SEO required)

Launching: 11am EST, Friday, Dec 16th, 2011.

Use this powerful and insanely simple method to drive traffic to any website in any niche.

I show you how it was done...

3x Case Studies

Over 1000 visitors in 3 days

Just a few hours work

Can be outsourced

Earnings as high as $0.13 per click from FREE traffic

Rinse & Repeat

REALITY CHECK: This is a real traffic technique that drive targeted pre-sold traffic to your website, in any niche.

However, it does require work and it is not a method that will solve all your money problems.

This WSO is not aimed at newbies, nor people looking to make quick cash. If you are either, I don't recommend that you buy.

This is for people who are serious about expanding their online business by getting more traffic that converts.

The success of your online business is ultimately down to you. As with all Munchweb products I aim to help you maximize the results from your efforts, but action is key!

This little message won't help me make more sales. But honesty and integrity is more important to me. Ultimately I want to help you and steer your business towards more success.
The Low Down...

Complexity: Ultra simple (my simplest method yet). We took a more amateur approach to show how easy it really is to get profitable traffic.

New?: This method is not new or ground breaking. You may have already heard of it. It is a tried and tested method, that is vastly overlooked. We wanted to prove to you just how easy and effective it is using case studies, so you can add it to your own traffic generation techniques.

Work Required: Each case study took 3-4 hours. Work was outsourced, but if you can write a few paragraphs in understandable English you can do it yourself.

Results: Worst was 125 unique visitors over the first 3 days. Best was 540 visitors in 3 days. This excludes the long term traffic that will be received long term.

Long Term: This method will also bring long term targeted traffic after the initial spike even if you do no more work. You can also continue to use this method to cause regular targeted traffic spikes to your site.

Big Picture: Being so simple it is easy to outsource. Essentially it is a great way to set up a profitable passive source of traffic to your site. Profitability will vary per niche/topic/product, so you just pick the most profitable campaigns and run with them long term. dle 10.6


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