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JV Inci - shopping cart joomla templates

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Online Diet Shop - Adsense, Amazon and eBay Business
Online Diet & Nutrition Store. Choose from an extensive collection of Diet books, Diet foods, Nutrition and Exercises and more.


This is a niche site for diet products, comes with news feeds and video content, this is good for your Search Engine ranking.

TOP Notch Design!
This site comes also with an awesome design. There is also PSD file to edit the logo and the header.

Completely Monetized!
This site is as well monetized to the highest level for AdSense, eBay and Amazon.




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Pbooks is php-based accounting and bookkeeping system. It is
designed for use by small business, and uses the double-entry accounting model.



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Billwerx is a small, simple, and secure billing script written in PHP and powered by MySQL. Billwerx allows employees to create an invoice for a client. Once the invoice is generated the invoice can be sent to the client as a PDF attachment, viewed by the client in his or her control panel. Billwerx features and integrated survey system, file and storage attachments, with a feature looking graphic user interface.

more info

administrator demo

client demo

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i need some graphic designers and some testing staff for scripts those who are intrested can email or pm me other thing is support is totally free so visit the support url and ask the solutions of your problems.




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Witch Trader 7.5.0 - HYIP + Trader + Payment Gateway



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Zen Cart v1.3.9e english version(Online shop system)

Zen Cart v1.3.9e english version(Online shop system)


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Viroshop v1.2  Professional Ecommerce Wordpress Theme

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Italian Design By Prestashop Themes

Italian Design By Prestashop Themes

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The Furniture Store - WordPress eCommerce Shop V1.0.6

Another Flexible eCommerce theme! $47

Designed especially for online shops The Furniture Store features a plugin free localized ecommerce system, a membership area, creating and saving a wishlist, an informative customer service area, unique Shop by... widgets, lots of independent widget ready areas and sooo much more!

Please check the screenshots for a detailed feature tour!
Theme Requirements
GD Library for the image resizing script
Webserver operating system Unix, Linux (no Windows Server please)
Ecomerce solutions in general require more performance, you are running a shop so you need some power behind it and not to forget that your goal is to get many, many visitors, so choose a decent hosting package.

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Add Products and Manage Products errors fixed.




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6th SEPT 2010

# CS-CART v2.1.1 NULLED R2 #
#+ RELEASE: 2010/09/06 - 21:37 PM#
#+ NULLED!: 2010/09/06 - 23:45 PM#
#* Call Backs:Removed#
#* Link Backs:Removed/Anonym #
#* Licensing: Nulled #
#* Remote Images: Removed#
#* Branding:99% Removed#
#- http://www.FORUMSCRIPTZ.org #
#- http://www.PORTALIZ.com #
#- http://www.YAGBU.net#

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CodeCanyon - WizardPro - Javascript wizard RETAIL

CodeCanyon - WizardPro - javascript wizard RETAIL

Check out the demo!

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add listing free and commercial



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Holy-Christian-Store - Adsense, Amazon and eBay Business

Holy-Christian-Store - Adsense, Amazon and eBay Business

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New Amazon aStore Script :

Please see the example site ;

Buy Electronics On Sale

This script is more seo friendly than AOM (Associate O Matic) and easy to install and setting.

How to setting :

1. Open file config.php
2. Replace xxxxx-20 with your Amazon ID
3. Replace AWS Accsess Key with your AWS Accsess Key
4. Replace Secrets Accsess Key with your Secrets Accsess Key
5. Replace $country with your Amazon Country
and then Save it !

6. Upload all files
7. change cache folder to permisions 777

and Finish

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Php-MultiShop is a CMS & e-Commerce System, an OpenSource platform to realize a virtual mall that includes various shops and contents. The user will have a global vision of the portal, to read the most interesting content (news, forums, curiosities, suggestions, reviews, cultural or commercial events, fairs, recipes, tourist itineraries,...) and will have the possibility to visit the shop desired.
Every shop will have all the functions and the personalization of a traditional e-commerce web-site, as if it were independent from the virtual mall. It will have its own internet domain and could be administrated in full autonomy by its own administrator. At the same time, it can be distinct from the mall and other shops thanks to the personalized graphics, individual style, organization, contents and products, like every shop in a real market place. Besides, being part of a large place able to attract different typologies of visitors and consumers, it will be visible and more easily findable, increasing its audience and potential market.
Php-MultiShop is written in PHP, run on Apache webserver and MySQL database server, and is able to run on any PHP and MySQL environmen, including Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

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TenderSystem is an Internet based electronic tendering system.

TenderSystem is an Internet based electronic tendering system to source, award and manage the total procurement process.

This tried and tested technology leverages the age-old principle of supply and demand, through reverse auction, ensuring that products are purchased at the best possible price, at a lower administration and management cost, than any other method.

TenderSystem is released under a dual license, namely TenderSystem Public License (TPL), which is an adapted version of the Mozilla Public License, for TenderSystem OS and a commercial license for TenderSystem PRO that includes additional modules and system support.

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eDirectory 8 - Nulled and Full Decoded

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BuyandSell - PHP Scripts CodeCanyon

BuyandSell - PHP Scripts CodeCanyon

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Prestashop 1.3 - Latest vesrsion

Prestashop 1.3 - Latest version

Shop owners appreciate PrestaShop's easy-to-use Back Office tool for adding and fine-tuning their storefronts (Front Office). With new & sophisticated Back-Office functionality added regularly, shop owners don't need to rely on others to make their Front Office look and act the way they want it to.

Developers appreciate the clean structure of PrestaShop code that they can easily adapt to their client's needs for quick turn-around. Thanks to its use of CSS and transplantable module blocks, the PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution can be customized for small or medium-sized businesses working within tight deadlines.



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OpenCart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.

* Unlimited Categories
* Unlimited Products
* Unlimited Manufacturers
* Multi Currency
* Multi Language
* Product Reviews
* Product Ratings

* Open Source
* Free Documentation
* Templatable
* Automatic Image Resize
* 20+ Payment Gateways
* 8+ Shipping Methods

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AJ Auction Pro - OOPD 3.1 - NULLED FULL

New Features
Category Items Count

The Category items in this new product is used to exhibit the total number of live auction presented in Specified category. It exhibits in multi levels of Category also . For benefit of the end users the live items count from each level is received from the database of auction and it is exhibited in Home Page as well as in Buy Page.

Location and Auction type based on advanced search

This new facility is used for searching the Auctions based on locations. All the listed location which are live auction's location will be presented in the drop down box. From which the end user can search the Auctions in the specified locations.

Search Engine Operation friendly URL

By this new utility the end user can optimize the URL to list in the Search Engines. The normal URL ( Using query string with AJDF ) was modified as Search Engine Operation friendly URL using HTACCESS for sake of the end Users.

Count down timer

The new feature of count down timer will ease end users. It is exhibited in each products so that the user can know about the time of start and it is the utility which is considered to be essential for all Auction businesses.

Bulk Upload

This feature helps the user to upload 100 items at a time number of items or products, at a click of a button. Users will be given a excel sheet to fill it up with the product or item details and when uploaded, consequently, the uploaded product will be indexed, automatically.

Google Visualization Implement in Dash Board

In the Dash board of Admin Panel, we have provided a map to help you know the number of users and number of postings added in site based on country. The map will get updated once in a five minutes. The map has been provided with the help of Google map.

Site News

The dashboard of AJ Auction Pro OOPD 3.1, itself provides you many different features. Users can post their company NEWS or Latest Business Updates via the Site News module.

Offline Payment Gateway

With AJ Auction, Users can avail the facility of offline payment transaction. Its so simple, while a user can transact his money via offline transaction modes like cheques, demand drafts and money orders means of offline transactions. In this mode the user has to submit the specific negotiable instrument codes to the admin and the admin will collect it through bank transfers, consequently.

Google Analytics Site Support

AJ Auction Pro OOPD 3.1 integrates Google Analytics tracking code that provides site owners with a vast volume of statistics on visitors and site behavior patterns. Enter your Google tracking code in the settings of the store to enable Google Analytics.

Registration Form Builder

With this feature, the fields in the registration forms can be altered easily. For instance, when a European user wants to populate the ZIP code field, he can change it in to alpha-numeric compatible field, which most of the EU countries use, nowadays or he can change the state/province sections to County section, appropriately.

Posting Form Builder

If Admin need to change his auction website specific to a domain, like car auction, real estate auction, etc., Admin can generate a form builder using which he can allow sellers to post the items specific to its domain like posting items with its special attributes or features. Seller can himself add the new fields to mention the features of items.

Transaction History

With this feature, Admin can get the complete list of transaction they have done and they can view the transaction history to the latest moment.

Auction History

With this feature, admin can get the complete information of the total completed auctions and the total history of the auctions specific to the products.

AJ Auction Pro - OOPD 3.1 Features
Start a next generation auction website with our AJ Auction Pro - OOPD software. While internet becoming huge the possibilities are getting bigger, there is huge gap between the people & new niches that can be tapped. AJ Square Inc has extensive experience in Auction web design & development / building Auction websites. We create custom software to match the needs of each specific portal. Run your own powerful auction service, including full bidding and buy it now auctions, and earn revenue with each auction posted.

The features on the website below rival the best of the best and are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve.

Global Features

Site news New!
Completely dynamic, & Easy to manage from Admin
Custom develop your auction software
Pre - formatted Store Front Design Templates.
WYSIWYG Html Editor.
Fully Customizable Site Design and HTML.
Customizable Item Display.
Customized Product Search and site Browsing.
All Web Browser Compatibility.
Web based setup wizard.
Easy installation script. No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy.
Flexible template system allows you to easily change design.
Protection from Hackers.
Web based Administration tool.
Supports Multiple Payment Gateways.

Site News

The dashboard of AJ Auction Pro OOPD 3.1, itself provides you many different features. Users can post their company NEWS or Latest Business Updates via the Site News module


Customer can post their items in a Store to increase the viewability. Store schemes can be set by the administrator and the number of items in the store too can be decided. As an AJ Auction Pro - OOPD Store owner, seller has to pay the scheme fee corresponding to selected store level. Sellers get powerful and easy-to-use tools that enable them to develop their own brand and encourage buyers to purchase more.

EBay Feedback

Customer can view the posted item's sellers feedback with a valid ebay Id. Normally in AJ Auction Pro OOPD, user can view the feedback from other AJ Auction OOPD 3.1 members. User will get the feedback in two different ways like Feedback as Buyer and Feedback as Seller. From here, user can see the his own auction list and can go to his own store. In addition, if a seller has an user id in the eBay site. Then using AJ Auction Pro - OOPD, buyer can view the feedbacks got by seller in eBay site.

Commission Management

The administrator can receive commissions in terms of transaction fee, listing fee,and other special fee like border,Highlights. The Commission will be collected when the items got sold in the market. Admin can set the commission fee for every auction type. Admin can set the commission percentage based on the final sale value of the item.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

The Administrator can view weekly and monthly status of all auction types i.e., Simple auction,Fixed auction,Dutch type auction, Lowest unique bid auction and Highest unique bid auction. Based on these reports he can derive inputs. AJ Auction Pro OOPD provides you reports for every auction types in daily weekly and monthly basis. Admin can view the reports for every auction types, commissions, user management and so on. It makes Admin to get an idea of site easily and it provides reports like bar chart.

Business Intelligence

The various BI charts provide the site admin a brief input about that have the most sales and other similar generated reports that might be of use the administrator to make effective decisions. In the Dash board of Admin Panel, the BI Charts will be listed to know the statistics of site. The charts will be designed in graphical representation and looks more attractive. BI Charts helps you to get an idea about whole site easily.

Searching Auctions

Since many people do not have time to sit and browse through lists, AJ Auction Pro - OOPD provides comprehensive search functionality. Searching is powerful and flexible. Users can search with multiple keywords within a category that interest them or the entire auction database. Searches can even include all the active auctions posted by a particular user. AJ Auction Pro OOPD makes it easy for visitors to find the items that interest them.

Featured Auctions

Customer can look for Featured auction displayed in the homepage of the auction site. For the items to come up on the featured list in, administrator has complete control over it. While posting the item, seller will select for item to be listed in featured auction. To be listed, seller must pay the listing fee and after completing the payment the item will get display in the featured section available in home page.

E-Mail Management

Mail Management helps Admin to enable the actions for sending mails to user for every activities. By default, we are providing 13 mail types like after sign up, after posting items, posting invoice, after won a bid, after loss a bid, after store published, reserve price met, when admin suspend a user, when dispute arises, after out bidden, after a buyer sent a question, password change, when items in watch list has been closed.

Hot Auctions

Hot Auctions is the list of auctions displayed in the Hot Listing area allocated in the homepage. So Admin has to set the criteria for displaying an auction under Hot Listing area. Admin can set the criteria based on the number of bids, its price, number of hot auctions to be displayed and so on. Admin can view the list of auctions to be displayed today, tomorrow and all in the Hot Listing.


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Zeus Cart Ecommerce CMS

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Whats new in 5.5.4 ?
The 5.5 release was built over a 4 month period based exclusively on the ideas voted for by clients on our ideas lab. This release takes merchandising to the extreme and puts powerful marketing tools such as advanced photo display, Google Website Optimizer and video support into the hands of even the most non-technical store owners. This is a must-have release for anyone serious about selling online.

Store Design
*60+ professional store designs
*Template comparison (diff) tool

Search Engine Optimization
*Set page title and META details per page
*XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
*Custom product image alt text

Products & Merchandising
*Embed videos in product description
*Per-product YouTube video gallery

Variations & Product Options
*Filter options for quick updating New!
*Bulk update option values per product New!
*Paging when editing product options

Images & Photos
*Upload an unlimited number of photos
*Automatically generated photo galleries
*Photo thumbnails on product pages
*SuperZoomTM instant photo zooming
*Per-image alt text and description for SEO
*Share photos between products

Google Website Optimizer
*Improve conversion rates without guessing
*Six storewide GWO tests to run
*Test on-page, per-product changes
*Test on-page, per-category changes
*Test on-page, per-web page changes
*Run multiple test at once
*More GWO tests than all competitors

Release Notes :
#Includes all themes for this version
#Supports Vendor and Ultimate versions just change the $GLOBALS['vendor'] variable in admin/includes/Whitelabel.php.
#On the settings page it asks for a license key, give it anything it wont be checked

Known Issues :
If you installed with the demo products option checked add this line in your .htaccess : RewriteBase / (Without quotes).
Online Demo :

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Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5.4 Nulled

Whats new in 5.5.4 ?
The 5.5 release was built over a 4 month period based exclusively on the ideas voted for by clients on our ideas lab. This release takes merchandising to the extreme and puts powerful marketing tools such as advanced photo display, Google Website Optimizer and video support into the hands of even the most non-technical store owners. This is a must-have release for anyone serious about selling online.

Store Design
*60+ professional store designs
*Template comparison (diff) tool

Search Engine Optimization
*Set page title and META details per page
*XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
*Custom product image alt text

Products & Merchandising

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File Hosting - Premium Link Generator works on 25 websites.

Hi everybody this is a script that helps you to premium link generate from 25 servers. Servers are:-


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Templates - Ecommerce

49 Templates - Ecommerce

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Theme Requirements:

* php5
* GD Library for the image resizing script
* PHP Allow URL fopen : ON Moved away from this and tested on 2 users with PHP Allow URL fopen : OFF but it may need further adjusting. Time will tell!
* Webserver operating system Unix, Linux (no Windows Server please)
* Ecomerce solutions in general require more performance, you are running a shop so you need some power behind it and not to forget that your goal is to get many, many visitors, so choose a decent hosting package.

Test it!
Feel free to test the shop using the following payment methods: Bank transfer in advance, Cash at store, Cash on delivery as those do not take you to a payment gateway.
Currently Working on

* Tax Module

Requests are welcome. The more popular a request is the higher it gets on our To Do list ;)
Current Version: 1.0.8


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