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Wimpy streaming audio mp3 player is the easiest way to present streaming audio content on your web page or web server. Wimpy makes streaming audio from your Web site a snap -- without having to install cumbersome streaming server software. Wimpy is by far the most flexible online audio player.

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With RSS Randomizer Щ adding RSS feeds to your site is childs play.
All you do is select your feeds, press a button and Viola! your copy paste code is ready.
In fact this script is so simple to use even my grandmother could use it. RSS is a great way to make your site "unfingerprintable".
But most RSS scripts that are available just display the feed content as is without modifying it.
The ideal way would be to aggregate more than one RSS feed and display them in a random fashion.
By aggregating and randomizing several feeds your content is guaranteed to be unique and thats exactly what RSS Randomizer Щ does.

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Bitrix Site Manager is the powerful, secure and full-featured content management solution that enables you to create and manage corporate web sites.

Bitrix Site Manager advantages:
Full-featured content management system
Advanced e-Commerce facilities
Effective tools for building online communities
Flexible workflow system
Web analytics and advertising tools
Helpdesk system
Tools for building corporate intranet portals
Many more features!
Your system is secure, safe and reliable
You get full open source code
Build as many sites as you want
Reusable components
SiteUpdate technology
Well documented application programming interface
Simple design template integration

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CNStats - a real-time system for Web statistics accumulation and analysis.

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One Admin Pro - The Modules Builder, is simply the easiest platform to build more PHP modules to run on your database driven websites. Perfect for web designers which require additional dynamic modules for their web projects.

Everything is web-based, built with user friendly features, available with ready made module packages, and comes along with Flash tutorials to polish up your skill.


eCommerce - v4.1
Newsletter - v4.1
Links Directory - v4.1
Misc Tools - v4.1
Forum - v4.1
Form Designer - v4.1
News Publisher - v4.1
Events Calendar - v4.1
Photo Gallery - v4.1
Vote Caster - v4.1

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WoltLab Burning Board v2.3.6

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Wap Portal Server 1.2 is WAP Content Management System written in PHP. This script package allows you to create and maintain your WAP site easily through web user interface.
No technical knowledge of WML is required to make and keep your mobile internet working. Maintaining your WAP portal site with Wap Portal Server is as easy as writing e-mail or filling a web form. Wap Portal Server is based on PHP and it's mySQL database driven. WML WAP pages are dynamically generated by the script based on your settings. If you want to create a WAP portal site and update it on regular basis then Wap Portal Server is the right solution for you. Maintaining your WAP site is simple and you don't need to know WML or have any other technical knowledge of WAP.

Demo : http://redir.biz/5ED9F7/

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FlashChat 4.7.4
Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website. Works with most PHP/MySQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom. Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a "registered users only" chat, or as a "free-for-all" chat.

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More advanced shopping cart software designed to enable multiple suppliers (providers) offer their products in one online store owned by the administrator, likewise an online marketplace. Every provider can have own list of products and order history. The administrator manages general store operations, configuration and maintenance.X-Cart Pro incorporates all the features of X-Cart Gold shopping cart software in addition to Pro advanced functionality. Recommended for companies running multi-vendor online stores and companies willing to offer a place in their online store for third party businesses.No programming knowledge required to setup/run the store. Simple web based interface allows you manage your store from any computer with internet connection.The software is fully customizable. HTML and/or PHP experience required to do the modifications to X-Cart Pro. Please note: you can purchase these services from us if you do not have enough experience or time to do it yourself.

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This script allows you to check the following results and displays the rank by pulling information on any domain you enter in. No database is required! No configuration is required! Easy customize with existing content of website. Just upload the files and go, simple and easy to install. Features: Google PageRank Alexa Rank Google Results Yahoo! Results MSN Results AltaVista Results AllTheWeb Results

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Are you looking for an ideal software solution so you can start your own social networking portal? If so, then you have just found what you were looking for. What's new in Handshakes Professional V3.01) Music Modulemembers can upload their own music/video media, get votes and comments for it2) Videos Modulemembers can share their videos, get votes and comments for it3) Forum Modulefulfeatured forum: post topics, post replies, admin access to manage forum4) Preset Friendeach newly registered member we'll be automatically linked to a "preset friend"5) Photo Commentsmembers now can leave their comments for the photo they are voting for

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ActualAnalyzer Pro is written on PHP and uses a MySQL database to achieve a high performance.This powerful web statistics tool is equally effective for websites with a high amount of traffic as well for websites with lesser traffic.The support for multi-pages coupled with the support for multi-groups allows receiving high detailed statistics for each separate page and delivers combined statistics for each logical group of pages.The support of domain aliases and sub-domains allows tracking any hierarchical structure of a website.The various forms of reports coupled with the different types of graphic visualization deliver the necessary statistics for your website in the most convenient view.Export of the reports allows to customize final reports in the favorite editors and/or transfer the collected information to external databases.

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PHP-Nuke 8.0 Final version. This version includes a new anti-flood system, several cosmetic changes, a new web based installer, improvements on advertising system, downloads and web links modules, Forums and all BBtoNuke modules are now separated from the core system, improved the News module and many bugs fixes.

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AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro v7.4.0

AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro is the next generation affiliate network software solution that allows you to start your own successful affiliate network just like LinkShare and Commission Junction.

Run your own affiliate program network just like the big boys for only $390 and stop paying thousands of dollars for the license fee.

If you are looking to run your own network of merchants and affiliates or simply start an affiliate program for your company, then Affiliate Network Pro is the right solution for you!

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Vivvo v3.25 Developer

Homepage: *http://www.vivvo.net

News / Article Management Software

Vivvo is an article management software that helps you create a full article website easily. Not only you will be able to create different layouts easily, you can also have different groups of people to help you manage your content with the built-in privilege system.

Main Features

* The system auto-dates new articles, or you can change the date manually.
* Easily customize HTML templates to match the look and feel of your website.
* Supports multiple users with different access levels and permissions.
* Format content with no HTML skills using the WYSIWYG editor
* Build Static SE Friendly Pages.
* Ability to publish different kinds of articles: Full Article, Summary only, Internet URL (summary and link to an outside website), Uploaded file (summary and link to a document like a PDF, spreadsheet, or Word Document).
* Ability to control individual article components (comments, ratings, position, etc.)
* Webmaster syndication: share content of your website via JavaScript or XML feeds.
* NEW! - Export articles as .PDF files
* NEW! - AJAX powered rotation of headlines, and search

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

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Thus the following changes were prepared and realized for you:

- In usergroup options we added permissions for the use of feedback on the site. Now you can independently dispose whom you you permit to send you mail.

- Added CAPTCHA with the use of feedback. For the purpose of averting the use of feedback to spam by robots, that is if you permit feedback by unregistered users.

- Auto check has new features.

- Added automatic check for new versions of script.

- Added the possibility to remove of all comments of a specific user. This can be done through the adminCP while editing users.

- Adminpanel has a mechanism for convenient control of the posted comments

- Added the automatic removal of comments from specific news

- Added selective mass removal of comments

- Editing of comments in adminpanel uses AJAX

- Added new module 'antivirus' into the control panel of script. This module is intended for scanning folders and files of the script, for the presence of any harmful files that may compromise security.

- 'Antivirus' uses AJAX

- Corrected method of formation of URL's in BBCODE, problems with the use of quotation marks was removed and we add the support of edk2 links.

- With the removal of a category, all news which are located in that category are automatically transferred into a new category you indicate.

- Added possibility with the mass transfer of news into another category, to automatically transfer immediately into several categories.

- New permissions to block usergroups from viewing static pages you have created.

- During the addition of commentaries all open tags automatically shut

- Optimized the database, which make it possible to increase the speed of script with even larger databases

- Added the tag {author} with the template of send PM. This tag is a reference to the profile of the sender

- Permissions on who can serach the site

- Extended search on the site. Search now uses more than 30 different parameters.

- Corrected all bugs and previously declared errors

4.5 Version for now is only available to the paying clients: The free version of script will be accessible a little late.

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RapidKill is a PHP based application, primarily used to get the files on Rapidshare.de. It is also work with: filefactory.com, rapidupload.com, momoshare.com, megaupload.com, sexuploader.com (hey, do not spend days for PORN, but it's good for a little, upload2.net, mytempdir.com, sendspace.com, getfile.biz, webfile.ru, slil.ru, zalil.ru, turboupload.com, up-file.com, depositfiles.com and ultrashare.net

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VBulletin v3.6.0 Gold

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Subdreamer CMS Pro v2.3.5

Subdreamer CMS is a powerful yet simple program used for creating websites. With it's quick installation and easy to use admin interface you will have your website up and running within minutes. Whether your goal is creating a simple website with a couple pages or a larger website with hundreds of pages, Subdreamer CMS will get you there by providing unbeatable content management tools. Download today and join the thousands of members that are already using Subdreamer CMS to power their websites!

Release group: MST
Homepage: http://www.subdreamer.com/
Release date: 29/07/2006

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