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Let's get the beta-testing phase out the way first. The more productive the beta-testing phase is, the sooner phpBB 3.0 will be mature enough to be used in a production enviroment. Once at release candidate stage... phpBB 3.0 won't be too far off from final.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

DataLife Engine is a multi-user news CMS, with unlimited possibilities. The CMS is intended first of all for the creation of portals, blogs
and sites with large information content. However, it has many included options, which make it possible to use practically for any purposes. DLE can integrate into any existing design, and it has no limitations on the creation of templates for it.One additional key special feature of DataLife Engine is the low load on system resources, even with a very large site, load on the server will be minimum. Datalife is SEO ready for search engines.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Subdreamer CMS is a powerful yet simple program used for creating websites. With it's quick installation and easy to use admin interface you will have your website up and running within minutes.

Whether your goal is creating a simple website with a couple pages or a larger website with hundreds of pages, Subdreamer CMS will get you there by providing unbeatable content management tools. Download today and join the thousands of members that are already using Subdreamer CMS to power their website.

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Codelock V2.0 works by encrypting your entire PHP page(s) (including HTML and Javascript). You simply browse your computer harddrive for your file(s) or specify your server path. Then, enter your options through the 2-step wizard. When you're ready, simply click on "ENCRYPT". All your files will then be automatically encrypted for you!

Once your page(s) are encrypted, you can then safely distribute your PHP scripts to others. You can password protect your scripts with an unlock Fix for added security, you can lock your scripts to specific domain names or IP addresses AND you can specify an expiry time if you want to.

An added feature is that you can choose to encrypt all of your browser HTML output. This means you can protect form data, variables, email addresses, image URL's and return URL's (i.e. for PAYPAL) - so people can't cheat your system and read your source code.

Codelock V2.0 is a simple yet advanced piece of software (written in PHP) that you can download and run from your own server (or your ISP if they have a PHP server). You could be up and running in 5 minutes from now! All you need to do is use the PHP / HTML file encryptor to encrypt your files. Simply click on browse to locate your files and click on "Encrypt". Once you do this, your files will be encrypted and ready for distribution.

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Celeron Dude Uploader v6.2.1

Cracked by. [ VSTeam ]
Rls Type . [N/A ]
Tested by.. [ VSTeam ]
Date ..... [02-24-2006 ]
Packed by.. [ VSTeam ]
OS ....... [ Web Server ]
Supplied by [ JTN ]
Language . [ English ]
Protection. [ Callbacks, Copyright ]
Size .... [ 0.6 mb x 1 ]
Url... [ //www.celerondude.com ]

PHP enabled web server with PHP version 4.3.0 and up recommended.
GD 2.0 and higher required for thumbnail creation, image resizing and watermarking.
Version 6.2 and up requires Mysql 3.0 and up. Although I only tested with 4.0, I didn't use any new features that are only available in 4.0 so 3.0 should be fine.
Zip extension required for batch file uploading. Version 6.2 and up does not require this extension.
PHP safe_mode must be OFF
mod_rewrite MUST BE ENABLED for bandwidth tracking to work.
Updates in this version (v6.2.1):
Some of the features added in this version were added in the previous version, I just forgot to list them.
Added: Public files management.
Added: Browsing public files past 100 which was the limit in the last version.
Fixed: Base url problems for IE users.
Fixed: Bugs generating URLs for files.
Fixed: File not found when there are special characters in the file name.
Changed: "default" template updated.
Template changes: tpl_uploader.php, tpl_myfiles.php, all javascript files. tpl_public_*.php

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Jomres (Joomla Residents) is packed full of features to allow you to
take bookings for, and run, your hotel website.

- Enables the user to present one or more properties, hotels, guest
houses etc to the website visitor
- Offers 4 user groups, Receptionists and Property Administrators,
registered users and casual visitors.
- Can allow for booking either a property as a whole, or rooms in
that property
- Full support of language.php files.
- Hotel Receptionists, Administrators and Guests can book
- Offers fixed and varied length stays.
- Paypal integration for taking deposits
- Wide range of configuration options
- Properties can charge per person per night, or per room
per night.
- Each property can be configured to taste.
- Image uploading.
- Wide variety of display configuration options available.
- Extra charges can be applied to rooms
- Under constant development, so new features are being added all the time.

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MosDirectory - A complete system that allows for generic creation of a directory structure similar to Yellow Pages or Yahoo links with support for unlimited nested categories, complete SEF Urls, Page titles and meta data, sponsored listings, ratings system, contact business through feedback forms and much more... Now available for Mambo 4.5.1 Only!

Latest Features to be added include, but not limited to:
XML Syndication
vCard Downloads
Dynamic Popular Icons
Better Search Engine Friendly Addresses
All reported bugs fixed!
MORE FEATURES ADDED WEEKLY! - Under active development all the time!

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

swMenuPro is a complete menu module management system that integrates into Joomla/Mambo open source content management systems .

To accomplish this swMenuPro comes in two parts. A component, which is accessed through the Joomla/Mambo administration and a module that may appear multiple times within any Joomla/Mambo page.

The component gives you the ability to easily create and manage an unlimited number of menu modules. Each menu module can be any of 7 completely independently configurable menu systems.

Every aspect of every menu module can be configured using the built in automatic style sheet and manual style sheet editors. Images and roll over images can be assigned for any menu item in 6 of the menu systems as well as replacing the item names for creating purely graphical menu modules.

A variety of different menu sources and automatic menu source options can be assigned to any menu module.

swMenuPro is designed to give you all the tools you need to effectively create and integrate great looking functional navigation systems into the Joomla/Mambo CMS fast.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Lore is a professional knowledge base management system powered by PHP and MySQL. Lore allows you to quickly and easily organize frequently asked questions, articles, and documentation into a categorized and searchable knowledge base. With Lore, you can provide your customers with instant answers to their inquiries and support questions.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Whether your goal is to create a simple online quiz or a complete quiz portal, QuizShock is the solution. With fully animated Flash quizzes, you will provide your visitors with a rich and exciting interactive experience. QuizShock is a quiz management system for your web site. It is written in the PHP scripting language and uses an ultra-fast MySQL database backend.

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PHP Guard Dog is the most feature-rich password protection, authentication, and subscription management solution available today. It is also the most cost-effective, as it is often at least one half to a tenth of the cost of similar competing software. We keep our costs low by proper fund allocation. We are one of the rare companies that actually does pass savings along to its customers but also keeps its product at the top of the "food chain".

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RapidKill is a PHP based application, primarily used to get the files on Rapidshare.de. It is also work with: filefactory.com, rapidupload.com, momoshare.com, megaupload.com, sexuploader.com (hey, do not spend days for PORN, but it's good for a little, upload2.net, mytempdir.com, sendspace.com, getfile.biz, webfile.ru, slil.ru, zalil.ru, turboupload.com, up-file.com, depositfiles.com and ultrashare.net)

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

DataLife Engine v.4.2

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eXtremepow is launching eXtreme Photo script, a standalone script for image hosting. This script aims to help you setting up an easy image uploading site and keep a database of images with easy maintenance administrative panel.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

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Category: CMS (depraced!)


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Category: Plugins/Modules

iJoomla Magazine v1.1.2

Creating great content has always been key to building a successful website.

But if you've ever tried to create a professional-looking online magazine using Joomla you'll know that getting the result you want can be difficult and frustrating.

It's hard to control the layout on the home page, and almost impossible to get the professional look and feel you need to persuade your users to come back for more. That was why we created "iJoomla Magazine"

While big companies spend thousands to put online magazines together, you will be able to get the same professional look for a fraction of the price.

And it's so easy! Within just minutes, you will be able to create complete magazine editions, with both vertical and horizontal items on your home page.Creating great content has always been key to building a successful website.

But if you've ever tried to create a professional-looking online magazine using Joomla you'll know that getting the result you want can be difficult and frustrating.

It's hard to control the layout on the home page, and almost impossible to get the professional look and feel you need to persuade your users to come back for more. That was why we created "iJoomla Magazine"

While big companies spend thousands to put online magazines together, you will be able to get the same professional look for a fraction of the price.

And it's so easy! Within just minutes, you will be able to create complete magazine editions, with both vertical and horizontal items on your home page.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Cute news is a powerful and easy for using news management system that use flat files to store its database. It supports comments, archives, search function, image uploading, backup function, IP banning, flood protection ...

* Quick and easy installation
* You don't need MySQL, everything is stored in files
* Visitors can post comments
* Can be used smilies, avatars and HTML code
* Optional support of categories and multiple templates
* WYSIWYG editor
* 3 different levels of user access
* Add/Edit/Post news, comments and users online
* Auto archiving of old news
* No news building, everything is automated
* Edit news templates
* Visitors can search in your news news database
* Password protected names in comments
* IP banning visitors from posting comments
* Flood protection
* Auto wrap long words in comments
* Backup Function
* And many more cool functions ...

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ª Script name : PHPPROBID 5.23
ª Supplied by : FOXGENCO
ª Nullified by : FOXGENCO
ª Tested by : FOXGENCO
ª Protection : Copyrights, hotlinks
ª Homepage : http://www.phpprobid.com
ª Release date : 1.04.2006
ª Release type : PHP
ª Price : $190

PHP Pro Bid is the most powerful retail auction software package on the market. It's features alone surpass any other Auction software. Ideally suited to Small-Medium Businesses PHP Pro Bid enables you to start up your very own web auction service. Installation is simple and takes a matter of minutes! You can control every aspect of the web-site via the PHP Pro Bid Admin control panel.

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Plesk - Unlimited Domain License

Plesk - Unlimited Domain License ;)

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• Create a custom Flash photo gallery in minutes
• ThumbGallery Template and Flash Component included with purchase.
• Easily create and update images with the included XML template
• Select type of thumbnail - image, number or solid color
• Choose from 9 image transitions
• Define any size for image and thumbnails
• Position thumbnails to top, bottom, left or right
• Set the thumbnails to any opacity
• Choose how many rows of thumbnails to display
• Load in JPGs or SWFs
• Choose to auto play through the images like a slide show
• Customize colors for background and thumbnail outlines
• Set scroll speed of thumbnails
• Add audio to thumbnail roll overs and clicks (when using the Component)
• Set custom corner radius on background, images and thumbnails
• Customize look and feel using the XML file or the component panel
• Add caption and roll over text
• Samples included with download
• Free updates
• For Flash player 7 and above
• Create HTML style tables in Flash, using XHTML format
• Keep content easily updatable in an external HTML file!
• Same syntax as HTML tables
• Most HTML tags and attributes supported including colspan and rowspan
• Embedding fonts has never been easier.
• Style text easily using CSS with your HTML file
• Add external jpg’s, swf’s or linked symbols into table cells
• All this and more, using little to no Actionscript!
• Load the XHTML file through the component panel or with actionscript
• Easily define a function and call that function from the XHTML file.
• After the table is rendered, access and change table cells with actionscript!
• Actionscript event available to check when the table is fully drawn.
• Lightweight, adds only 6k to your Flash movie
• Save Time. No code to write for parsing XML or to structure data. It's done for you!
• For Flash player 7 and above
• Free updates
• Quickly create an online Flash poll
• Create an unlimited number of polls. No monthly payments.
• Customize fonts, colors and sizes
• Includes three pre-built templates
• With the QuickPoll Templates you do not need the Flash application
• Flash Component includes three skins
• Uses PHP for poll data storage - Quick setup
• Poll results are stored in a text file - no need to set up a database
• Component samples are included with download
• Free updates
• For Flash player 6 and above

Info: www.flashrelief.com

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Invision Gallery is a fully featured, powerful gallery system that is easy and fun to use! It plugs right into your existing Invision Power Board to create a seamless browsing experience for the users of your forum. We've taken many of the most popular feature requests from our customers and integrated them into this product. Since Invision Gallery is a plugin for Invision Power Board, it uses the same templating and language system! This allows you to create a look for your gallery that matches your forum without having to learn a new set of tools. The administration features are also found right in your Invision Power Board ACP, which means you can manage both your gallery and your forum in one convenient location.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

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Wimpy AV is the drop-dead simple solution for getting streaming video on your site.No more compressing each track three times. No more adding three HTML links for every video. No more hoping that your visitors know what a QuickTime, Windows Media, or RealPlayer button is supposed to do.

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Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website. Works with most PHP/MySQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom. Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a "registered users only" chat, or as a "free-for-all" chat.

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vBstyles Bluesaint vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Flycat vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Hex10sion vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Mainframe vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Mecka vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Satellite vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Skynet vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Synapse vBulletin 3 Style

vBstyles Tech2 vBulletin 3 Style

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

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????????? ????????

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