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Flippingbook Joomla Component 1.5.10
Flash Books Builder Extension

FlippingBook Joomla Gallery Component allows you to build stunning flash books on your site in minutes. Prepeare images for your book, upload them to the server and create book in several mouse clicks. Enjoy the realistic page flip effect based on the exellent FlippingBook page flip engine.
FlippingBook Joomla Gallery Component
We present you extension for Joomla! CMS.
Most galleries and photo albums for Joomla CMS offer different effects and navigation options. Yet no matter how beautiful the effects and how convenient the navigation, they are merely photo albums, like thousands of others. We offer a totally new approach to creating galleries, photo albums, catalogs, and portfolios.

Flippingbook Joomla Component 1.5.10 - By Shdkpr2008

* Include Flippingbook joomla Component 1.5.10
* Include Extra :2 - Navigation Bars, 2 Languages
* Un rar/zip before install
*Demo Links Removed from Flash Objects and bottom test
* Nulled By me (shdkpr2008) don't steal and do fck**

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Google Adsense Bot v114
Google Adsense Bot v114

This mod adds a bot that will post your choice of ad (adsense, or a custom ad) in a topic. The bot will post the ad in the form of a post.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Here is a compilation of more than 200 mods for all phpbb!

Bonus: phpbb 2.2 included

Instruction given for each mods! so enjoy!

file size: 12 mb only for + 200 mods!

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FlippingBook 1.5.9 Nulled + addons

Most galleries and photo albums for Joomla CMS offer different effects and navigation options. Yet no matter how beautiful the effects and how convenient the navigation, they are merely photo albums, like thousands of others. We offer a totally new approach to creating galleries, photo albums, catalogs, and portfolios.

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JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT) 2.1.260 UPDATE! Stable

If you would use JomSocial for a school website you like different types of profiles for students, teachers and other staff. Obviously the fields used in the teacher's profile are going to be different from the fields in the student's profiles. OR You are running a music producer page and you want to have songwriters, bands, producers, singers and so on.

Again the fields in one profile need not be meaning full for other user types. To resolve the above problems, we are here with a very well recognized and robust extension for JomSocial. It extends JomSocial with Multiple Profile Types functionality.

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Joomla Geommunity 1.0 - JS + CB Users Map -JS1.2 UPDATE!

Click image for larger version Name: geommunity.jpg Views: 4 Size: 6.0 KB ID: 715Render your community members Nanoprofiles from Community Builder or Jomsocial to a large Google Map! Geommunity is a community and profile applications suite for Community Builder and Jomsocial. It allows your community members to set in one click (on their profile frontend page) their location on a google map and then be added (with their 'nanoprofile') to the site's global community map! These are released under the GPL and run in Joomla 1.5 native.

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Joomala FaceBook Toolbar 1.0.0 for J1.5x

FBToolbar Module for Joomla 1.5 is a Joomla 1.5 module that displaying toolbar in your Joomla Website look like Facebook toolbar! Just see the toolbar at the bottom of this page.. Its looks cool, isn't? Just download it from our download section page.

How this module work?

This module loads your other modules as you define at backend parameters, and displaying it in the right tab of this module.

Here you can see the backend parameters:

Parameter for Right Position

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AWDwallPro 1.6 Joomla + JomSocial + AWDwall 1.5.3 CB

AWDwall PRO is a complete application that enable communication and create simple and elegant Comment Wall for joomla 1.5 (like facebook)

This application facilitates conversations between all users on your Joomla websites affording easy-flowing communication for everyone involved. It also compliments any website with the option to attached videos and pictures on the wall and much more....

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Joomala JoomDonation 2.6.1

Joom Donation is a Joomla 1.5 native extension allows you to get one time and recurring donation from visitors of your site via Paypal, Authorize.net and MoneyBooker payment gateway.

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JVideoDirect 2.4 UPDATED! + Addons

jVideoDirect is an innovative and feature-rich component for Joomla 1.5 native.

use ajax technology to craft jVideoDirect in many places. jQuery is widely used to enhance it's speed, effect and user friendliness. jVideoDirect also handle up to 2 video qualities namely SD and HQ/HD.We have incorporated lot of details in each features and functions. We cannot cover all here. The best way to experience by yourself.

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joomla JomSocial Migrator 1.0

JomSocial Migrator is an easy to use tool to migrate your community website from Community Builder to JomSocial. It does not alter or delete any of your Community Builder data.
JomSocial Migrator offers these critical features:

* UDDEIM support for migrating your mail to JomSocial's integrated mail system. Message status (read/unread) remains intact, and allows for a customizable subject field (UDDEIM does have subjects)
* Easily migrate your Community Builder profile fields (and data) to JomSocial. Also keeps groups (tabs) so data is organized just like before. An easy selector lets you migrate only the fields you want.
* Friends/Connections migration allows you to maintain all relationships between users. Even open requests are properly imported, allowing for a seamless transition.
* Avatar migration imports the profile picture from Community Builder and uses JomSocial's integrated utilities to automatically create full and thumbnail sized avatar images.
* Profile hits migration to keep your view count accurate as you move.

Tested with:

* Community Builder versions: 1.2
* JomSocial: 1.0.123-1.5.xx

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AEC - Boomerang Nebula


AEC is a manager for memberships - paid or free, the software takes care of the subscription process and everything attached to it.

Core Features
The solid base of AEC are its core features - from Subscriptions to Invoices. More Features
Around the core features, AEC has more features that make your life a lot easier. From our extensive Logging and History functionality to Invoice Printouts and the very handy Quicksearch function Micro Integrations

The real power of the AEC is its extensibility - With over 40 integrations for other Joomla! components, affiliate (or other) payment tracking systems down to system functionality like MySQL queries or simple things like sending out Emails - AEC loads your memberships with serious functionality.

Payment Processors
Of course, no membership software would be complete without payment processors - which is why AEC already supports more than 40 of the most popular services.

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JBolo! 2.7.2 UPDATE!  with Chat History Support & more !

Bolo! is a really cool extension that will integrate Facebook & Gmail like chat into Joomla Websites. The name JBolo! is derived from the Hindi word 'Bolo' which means to talk. Styled to look like the popular chat on Gmail & Facebook, this application promises to be an exciting thing for Social Networks in Joomla.

JBolo! integrates flawlessly with Joomla, CB, Jomsocial, Mighty / People Touch as per your choice.

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MightyResources 1.4.7 Advanced Suite

MightyResources is the most advanced CCK (Content Construction Kit) component for Joomla 1.5. Absolutely Multi user, multi section/catalog, supports Joomfish, compatible with core SEF, custom fields; own comments, rating, tags systems and so much more.

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Nooku v1.0.0 Joomlas missing MVC framework

The long awaited Nooku Framework developed by the father and co-founder of Joomla! CMS Johan Janssens and his uber talented team-mate Mathias Verraes is now available to public on the sourceforge under the GPL license.

Nooku Framework is available as an installable plugin for Joomla! 1.5. It is the Joomlas missing MVC framework. It is the jet engine for Joomla. This framework does not take away what Joomla already provides and instead provides options to mix and match with the Joomla APIa and turn the whole package into an ideal platform for developing next generation web applications with as little as possible coding that is fun, programmer friendly, and exciting.

Nooku Framework provides many missing elements that the Joomla! MVC does not provide, for example support for mixins, row classes, dynamic tables, factory classes, etc . Even the Model, View, and Controller base classes provide a much leaner and programmer friendly methods with opportunities to develop true REST architecture APIs.

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J!Growl BETA2 - Realtime Notifications for Everything!

J!Growl is a real time notification system for any kind of notification in Joomla. Simple things examples might be a Growl alert when a a user logs in, or when you get a new message,etc..

We have created J!Growl in such a way that it can be completely customized. It can well be integrated with other components to display their own custom notifications via plugins.

J!Growl gives developers the opportunity to create their own plugins. These plugins can add their own custom notificastions to the site. We will be providing a developer documentation to help you in this.

We are really excited with all the possibilities J!Growl is capable of.

We shall be supporting the following real time notifications in the first release :

1. JomSocial PM Recieved

2. User Login

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DOCman 1.5.7 UPDATE! Latest release of 04 May 2010

DOCman is a document and download manager for Joomla. DOCman makes offering downloadable documents on your Joomla site a breeze. Manage documents across multiple categories and subcategories, give users permission to upload, download or edit documents. Store documents either locally or remotely and prevent direct linking using our build-in anti-leech system.

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J!WHMCS Integrator 2.0.3

Bridge your Joomla! users to your WHMCS users and incorporate a single login! Integrate your site design completely within WHMCS without hacking your site code, allowing for Joomla! generated content to be displayed.

Bridge User Accounts!
Now you can bridge your user accounts between Joomla and WHMCS, allowing your users to only have to keep track of one set of credentials, reducing confusion for your users and improving the

Authenticate Users!
Authenticate your users when they login against BOTH Joomla and WHMCS! They will sign in with either their WHMCS credentials or their Joomla credentials, and then authenticated. If their passwords don't match in the two systems when they login, if their credentials they enter authenticate them through the first system, the second system will be updated with the correct password and they will proceed through!

Render Your Joomla Site on WHMCS!
Why spend hours trying to add a link to your main navigation bar on your static WHMCS template? Your time is more valuable than that! With J!WHMCS Integrator, your Joomla site will be rendered to WHMCS and wrapped around the content from WHMCS. Equally important, J!WHMCS comes with the template files you need to replace the standard files from WHMCS so your site can get up and running with minimal possibilities of conflicts between jQuery and MooTools!

Utilize Your Joomla MooTools Features without Sacrificing WHMCS jQuery!
With J!WHMCS Integrator 2.0, you can call the jQuery javascript library and issue a "no conflict" call automatically so it won't be an issue for your MooTools library!

Create Corporate Groups For Your Most Important Clients!
You can easily create a corporate group account for WHMCS and attach as many Joomla users to that login that you wish!

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OCE Joomla - Webmail Client 2.00 BETA!

This component transforms the famous webmail client RoundCube to a Joomla! component, and allows you check your emails through the Joomla! platform. Detailed instructions are provided in zip pack, and more information about the component will be released soon.

Core features:

1. Ideal for webmasters who want to allow their clients to log into their webmail through their corporate website.
2. Login to your webmail through front end.
3. Login to your webmail through administrator control panel.

OCE Joomla - Webmail Client 2.00 BETA!

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JoomSEF 3.6.2 UPDATE! + Biggest sef_ext selection you can find

ARTIO JoomSEF is a component for Joomla SEO (Search Engine Optimization). JoomSEF will rewrite your Joomla! URLs not to be only Search Engine Friendly (SEF), but also to be human easily understandable. Provides support for multilingual sites using JoomFish. Enables full customization of wide-range of meta tags for any URL in your site! Works with both with Apache and IIS.

May be easily updated on-line.

JoomSEF Main Features List

* rewrites original Joomla! URLs to be Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and human understandable
* improves your overall Joomla site SEO rating
* capability of meta-data auto generation
* provides support for multilingual sites using JoomFish
* URLs internationalization (translated URLs)
* support for multiple formats of URLs when using multiple languages - domain based: en.yoursite.com, de.yoursite.com, ... or path-based: yoursite.com/en, yoursite.com/de
* wide range of editable meta-tags for any URL in your Joomla!
* fully customizable URLs, many configuration options for automatic URL generation
* customizable 404 page
* helps you handle 301 redirects, allow custom 301 redirect definitions
* support for Google News URL format
* duplicate URL prevention and management
* .htaccess file easy editing
* works with Apache and IIS, platform independent
* online free! updates (free updates also for the paid versions)
* caching system for improved performance
* automatic updates of existing URLs on configuration change
* modularity - supports 3rd party modules
* adjustable parameters for add-on extensions to customize way of URL appearance
* plug-in system - easily add more extensions for your components
* support for sef_ext.php files written for OpenSEF or SEF Advance (since v1.4.0)
* easy URL imports from sh404sef and AceSEF components
* Joomla 1.0.x (JoomSEF 2) and 1.5 support (JoomSEF 3)
* and many more...

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Unlimited Catalogs
Create different catalogs for all purposes with a single ZOO installation.

Multi-mapped Items
Content items can be assigned to multiple categories and catalogs.

Custom Types
Build custom types with unlimited combinations of elements. Anything is imaginable!

Nested Categories
Easy manageable categories with a multi-level hierarchy with unlimited depth.

Templates and Styles
Each catalog can have its own individual design and layout - quick and easy to style.

Pluggable Elements
We provide a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.

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OSE Joomla Membership Control 4.3.09 BETA!

Open Source Joomla Membership Control can control the access to Joomla content, menus and modules to members only. The build in membership management function allows you to control your members' access within their membership period.

Also, the credit system allows you to control the number of times your user view the resources in your website. The component can be integrated with VirtueMart and utilizes VirtueMart's payment functions process all payments which let you manage all orders. However, if you prefer a quick cart solution which fasten the membership payment process, the build in QuickCart allows you to do so as well.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

All JA Extensions (JA News,JA Highslide,JA Tabs,Ja Showcase)

JA News - Joomla! Magazine extension
All JA Extensions (JA News,JA Highslide,JA Tabs,Ja Showcase)

Content management and presentation is of great important for a Joomla website, in particular for an online magazine portal. JA News component can ease constraints relating to the publishing news and articles on your website.

JA News grants you full control to set up different pages by creating separate front page layout and section layout. You can either create multiple front pages with multiple sections or one section with multiple categories. For each page view, you can assign a different headline and blog layout.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Yootools +Zoopro (Multilanguage) (New)

Yoo Tools :

Price 99 Euro

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Joomla Big Components Pack 6000$

Joomla Big Components Pack | HTML.CSS | 93 MB

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sh404sef v1.5.10.446: back on track to new features

sh404sef v1.5.10.446: back on track to new features

sh404sef v1.5.10.446: back on track to new features

sh404sef v1.5.10.446: back on track to new features

Ever wished you could customize the URLs on your Joomla web site? Tired of duplicate URLs killing your search engine rankings? Need a simple way to prevent common attacks on your web site?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, sh404SEF is just what you are looking for. As the most popular Joomla extension for URL management with more than 80% of the market share, and an 'Editors Pick' on the Joomla Extensions Directory, sh404SEF is the most reliable and most trusted tool for maximizing the potential of your Joomla site.

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Category: Plugins/Modules


.::: Contains 22 Modules .:::
Simple clock_v1.0_D7
ThumbnailInMail for_D7
.. .. . . . . . . . . etc

Pack 2 Coming Soon

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AIO PHP Scripts

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. For this purpose, PHP code is embedded into the HTML source document and interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module, which generates the web page document. As a general-purpose programming language, PHP code is processed by an interpreter application in command-line mode performing desired operating system operations and producing program output on its standard output channel. It may also function as a graphical application. PHP is available as a processor for most modern web servers and as standalone interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms.

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FLASH Admin Panel v1.x

F-Admin Panel is a professional flash component that allows you to set up your own flash Administration / Restricted area within minutes. Its a powerful flash-php engine that lets you add/edit users in 3 levels of access, you can change their pictures and manage information about each one of them. It has a unique stylish design and installation as easy as possible. If there is sufficient interest Im planning to do admin modules for the most wanted flashden files.

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Flasden Activeden 2010

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