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X-Cart Pro 4.1.0

Date: 12 October 2006 | Posted by: der_oper
More advanced shopping cart software designed to enable multiple suppliers (providers) offer their products in one online store owned by the administrator, likewise an online marketplace. Every provider can have own list of products and order history. The administrator manages general store operations, configuration and maintenance.X-Cart Pro incorporates all the features of X-Cart Gold shopping cart software in addition to Pro advanced functionality. Recommended for companies running multi-vendor online stores and companies willing to offer a place in their online store for third party businesses.No programming knowledge required to setup/run the store. Simple web based interface allows you manage your store from any computer with internet connection.The software is fully customizable. HTML and/or PHP experience required to do the modifications to X-Cart Pro. Please note: you can purchase these services from us if you do not have enough experience or time to do it yourself.

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